Road Trip With Le-Puppies!

I can't leave Lilus alone when I need to bring Shank to the Vet to get something done, so I decided to take both for check ups. It was pretty cute after all. They like car rides and I took so many pictures! haha my babies.

No Sleep

I can't sleep, I keep waking up like every hour. Most annoying thing on the planet. I hate interrupting my sleep.
Hope you're all sleeping like a baby, and when you read this post you're having breakfast or something.

Spending Quality Time With My Little Pug

Here they are, pictures that I never actually got to publish for one reason or the other. Finally, I can show you! When Laura, Ana & I did our massive sleepover with a bunch of activities lined up, we also took a little road trip. Laura & I saw each other a bunch of times before she left for her trip. We went on many dates and some of them we spent at her beach with baby Foxy!
It was soooooo good spending quality time with this one, really needed it!
Enjoy the pictures guys!


My sister's & Nick's Wedding day is getting closer and closer!! 

After Their Bath

Yesterday, these two little puppies got a bath, don't they look so adorable right after??? Hehe!

Study Date With Laura

Hello gorgeous people! Laura just left like 5 minutes ago, we spent the day together. First we had breakfast, then we studied a bit at my house and at like 12:30 we went to Reems so we could chill with Shisha while studying. We’re a little crazy and have too much fun together at times. We had so much fun in the car..hahha! How did you guys spend your day? Did you have a good Sunday? Weekend for some of you!
Here are some pictures from Today! Enjoy them! Have a wonderful night guys! x

New In: Minnie Mouse Shirt

The other day, I had Nikol over, we stayed at mine, ordered food and had lunch together and then before dropping her home she had to get something from the supermarket so we made a quick stop at Ibn, yeah...bad idea. Ended up going shopping, bought 3 bras, 4 shirts, 2 tops, a workout shirt, and some beauty blenders. Yeah, BAD IDEA! Good thing is, now i'm happy, due to the fact that i have new pretty things in my closet. LOVE THEM! This Minnie mouse shirt is one of the items which is new to my wardrobe. Do you like it?

Gathering That Turned Into A “Sleepover”

The reason why the title of this post is "Gathering That Turned Into A “Sleepover” is because we basically did not sleep. Well we fell asleep at something like 7:30am. I was going to have a few people over for a game night and some drinking but something happened so I only ended up having my 3 most favourite people with me. Ana, Laura & Mario. I'm saying favourite because, first they mean so much to me, second they're so much fun to hang out with and third, i just love them.
So the gathering ended up us girls, cooking, drinking, dancing, laughing, listening to music, giggling, playing cards and more drinking and laughing the entire time. I hope you guys had as much fun as I did! Thanks for staying over.

Keep Moving Forward

I have never actually shown you the tattoos I got, after getting inked again. I completely forgot to actually publish the photos onto my blog. You must have seen them on my instagram or Facebook if you follow me or like my blog page but I can't believe i haven't publish the photos of my latest tattoos on my blog. So here you go, one of them is the arrow, some of you must think it's lame or pointless. You forget, i don't give 2 shits about what people think, especially if you're negative about it. The tattoo of the arrow basiclaly means to "Keep Moving Forward"....whenever it is. Wether you're having the most amazing time in life, or you're going through a rough patch, just keep moving forward and keep aiming.

Bubus Surprise Birthday Party

So, the surprise party went really really well. Mario did NOT know, or suspect anything. I'm SO happy for that! Here are a few awesome shots from that night, hope everyone loved it as much as possible. Thanks for attending to each and every one of you. Love you guys!

New Bedroom Layout: Before & After

I've always loved changing the layout of the house, especially my bedroom. I'm the type of person who doesn't get bored easily but with layouts, I LOVE change. I love seeing what it would look like if i changed my bed or the frames and so on. So on the 8th of April exactly, I went to pick up Slurps & we had some breakfast together and then she helped me move around my room! It looks 15,765 times better now! Thank you again Slurps.

Happy Birthday Bubus!

A post dedicated to Bubus! To wish this guy a happy birthday and hope he had the most amazing birthday night. I'm so happy he was SUPER shocked at the Surprise last night. Can't wait to show you all the pictures from the Birthday Surprise Party Roisin & I threw him!
Thanks so much for everything, you're the best!
P.S. Hope you like your birthday gifts!

Playing Sims 2

Totally not a normal post, don't usually post about any of the games I play but like, the other day I was kinda like "craving" to play Sims, maybe because Ana & I were talking how amazing the game is. After installing all of them on to my PC, I created a family! haha! Look how awesome we look! 
Do you guys play any games? Have an awesome day!

Too Many Things, Too Little Time

I want my day to have more than 24 hours, there's too many things to do. Today I woke up, cleaned the kitchen, put all the dishes and everything away, watered the plants, brought out the dogs for a run, and now I need to go shower so i can meet up with Nikol, we have a few places to go today, and she's going to join me to keep me some company.
Oh & i also prepared tonight's dinner for the dogs because i'll probably be going to the gym & then taking them out for a night walk.
Hope you guys have a wonderful day! I'll write on here super soon!


Friday today! Good Morning! How are  you all doing? I literally just woke up! Just sitting in my garden having my morning cup of Tea! I'm going to go for a run with my dogs then go to the gym & then i'll come home, have a big breakfast and then go TAN!! I need to, really badly! I LOVE working out in the morning! If i plan a workout when I wake up it means it'll be a good day & also i'll be in a super good mood the entire day! What are you guys all doing today??
Oh I also need to spend some time to work on my Maid Of Honor speech. SUPER excited to tell you about my Sister's wedding that's happening this summer.
I'll tell you guys about it super soon! Wishing you all an awesome day! I'll write to you guys later today!

Family Is Everything ♥

My parent's birthdays are two days apart, Mum's on the 7th and Dad's on the 9th of April, so celebrating the birthdays usually happens on the 8th or 10th of April. I was happy when we took this picture because it shows a lot. I love family, family is everything. I'm so blessed by each one of these. I love you all so much. Happy Birthday to both of you & thanks for being the best I could ever ask for.

Off My Mind

Good morning dolls! Today's my daddy's birthday!! hehe How are you all doing today?? I woke up at 6 this morning, found my phone not plugged to the charged, my bed side table light still switched on and my laptop on "sleep mode". Completely passed out last night, was suppose to record a show on the tv, that didn't happen! 
Now I'm going to get ready and bring my babies (dogs) out for a run, and then go to the gym and do a few other things i need to get done today! Oh did I tell you? We have a little tiny nest in one of our gazebos in the garden, it's so cute. Oh and we put food and water so they always come get food from the little bowls.
Anyways, before these little furballs get angry at me for taking too long, I'm going to go, but i'll speak to you all later! Have a wonderful day! Kisses!

Happy Birthday Daddy Bear!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing dad, best friend & hero! 
The best i could ever ask for!
I love you Daddy Bear!

Happy Birthday To Le Mamis ♥

Happy Birthday to the best & most amazing, beautiful, loving & caring mamis in the universe & the biggest inspiration to me every single day!

I love you more than you can imagine..Sei la migliore! Happy Birthday Mamis! 

Tanning In Progess

A morning spent first relaxing with my mum, then i went to the beach with the girls for a couple of hours. Now I'm back home, cleaning up my room, it takes ages for me because i didn't just change layout, I also donated half my closet to Charity. Cleaned up my closet, all of my drawers, as well as my desk and now changing the layout.

Happy Easter Dolls!

A quick post just to say Happy Easter to every one of you! A picture from a while ago! I love finding all pictures! hehe!

Emirates Classic Cars Festival

The other day, (on the 20th March), my family and I went for brunch in a place in downtown Dubai, and right after took a walk to go see all the beautiful classic cars that were on display. Incredible to see, so many beautiful ones. I’ve always wanted to have a classic car stopped in the garage and fix it bit by bit. That would be so fun & so different to my classic weekend. Ofcourse, i took tons of pictures and had super fun going around with my family.

Italian Translation

L'altro giorno, ( il 20 marzo), la mia famiglia e io siamo andati per un brunch in un luogo nel centro di Dubai, e dopo a dritti ha fare una passeggiata per andare a vedere tutte le belle macchine d'epoca che erano in esposizione. Incredibile da vedere, tante quelle belle. Ho sempre voluto avere un auto d'epoca fermato nel garage e fissarlo piano piano. Sarebbe così divertente e così diverso dal i miei week-end classici. Ofcourse, ho fatto un sacco di foto e ci siamo divertiti tanto andare in giro con la mia famiglia.

Spring Breakers!

On Monday, Laura and I went for a road-trip, we went shopping to buy things we needed for the sleepover. Drinks, water guns, more drinks, siders, and so on. I took a lot of fun videos on the way and back! Later on, we went on a date & had dinner at the beach.  After we got home,  we watched a very interesting movie together, ate snacks & junk food & just do things girls on Spring Break do together! The morning after, we woke up, had breakfast, chilled for a bit and then went to Uni, finished everything we had to do. Went to drop Ana's car at her house, and came back home. That's when the real sleepover started. We chilled for a bit and then went on beach road for a bit of fun & for getting dinner. After an hour, we finally decided what we wanted, got the food and came home. I ended up having a huge headache and hating it. We continued the party & the drinking until we started watching a movie and ended up passing out. Morning after, we took 11 steps away from Laura's garden and went to the beach to soak up some sun....then moved to her pool...and continued there. It was beautiful!


I’m actually sitting here, waiting for my series to stream a bit since it’s being slow. Three new favourite shows by the way: Orange Is The New Black, How To Get Away With Murder and New Girl. I’m seriously addicted….a little while ago, had a lazy day and watched SO many episodes. Didn’t know what to do with my life. Also, i think i found out what I’m cooking for tonight’s dinner!! Spaghetti alla Bolognese and for those members of the family who can’t eat carbs after 5pm, will have Chicken breast with Broccoli, Cauliflower & carrots. After this episode, I need to go food shopping! Speak to you super soon!


Good morning dolls! Just getting ready to go to the gym for an hour then will come home and go tanning for a while, feels so good to have some colour. Later on i’ll continue to work on my room. I started doing major Spring cleaning and I’m also changing room layout a bit. I think it’ll look super cool after. Tonight i’ll be cooking dinner for the family so i'll do some research and look for ideas of what I could make.
Have an amazing Friday! Lots of love. x

Shitty Weather!

EW WEATHER: Hello shitty weather! Uh I don’t want to go outside today. Both Shank & Lilu would stay outdoors for so little. I went to the gym and came back only a little while ago, now I need to go get ready to go do a couple of errands. I hate this weather though. It’s gross. Tonight i’ll probably be going out with a couple of friends or going to a friend’s place and having a couple of glasses of wine. Can’t wait.

Hi April 2015

APRIL: 1st of April today!!!! SO excited about Spring & Summer! Did you get fooled today? I don’t believe in anything anyone say on this day and I never fool anyone either cause everybody gets it right away. To be completely honest, I'm not so happy about the year passing by this quickly but at the same time I'm SUPER excited about all the trips / projects / plans turning into reality. I'm wearing my new Victoria's Secret pjs! It’s so cozy! Now we’re gonna heat up some left overs and watch tv. :-) Hugs!