Ready To Graduate!

Yes, I'm actually wearing my pjs right now but i'm super excited to be graduating SUPER soon!!!! I can't believe how quickly time has passed!!! Oh my gosh time is passing by extremely quickly! I can't describe it in words but WOW, University has been a blast and I wouldn't change anything about these past 4 years. Loved every bit of it.
Let's make it an amazing Grad!
Hope you're all having an amazing Saturday!

Currently: In London

HELLO LOVES! A lot has been happening over the last couple of weeks starting from the last week of October with a bunch of events happening at fitness centre I go to. Going to the fitness centre every single morning, planning my trip, buying things for the trip, packing and planning my Slurpy's surprise birthday with Laura Bear. 
The events at the fitness centre VivaFit were absolutely amazing. It all started on the 16th of October and ended the 31st. VivaFit launched the new choreography to Sh'Bam, Body Balance, BodyVive, Strength and Sbarre. On the 26th of October they had a class with a mixture of classes including Zumba and Sh'Bam and honestly Dancing With The Stars was the PERFECT title to the event. The trainers at VivaFit Dubai are honestly amazing. I had so so much fun with that class. 
The 29th there was a class of SBarre and BodyBalance masterclass held at the Barsha Park and a lot of people attended. It was a very successful event.
The 31st October, VivaFit made a Halloween Challenge at the end of all the classes. Since I love challenges, it was really really good and really challenging which is absolutely awesome.
I honestly love challenges and VivaFit so honestly changing and practicing the new choreography was absolutely amazing. 
THAT'S NOT ALL, on the 1st of November, VivaFit released the new scheduele and i'm absolutely in love with it. The fact that there is a class all the time just makes it easier for all humans who have a busy day which is usually an excuse for a lot of us, but not with VivaFit because honestly, you have no excuses with them.
Now, I'm in London and i'm absolutely loving it, I will share all the pictures super soon, work is piling up and there just aren't enough hours in a day. I really need to start waking up even earlier than I already do.
I can't wait to share a few things with you that I still need to keep to myself for a little longer!!!
I'm actually trying to work really really quickly on all the articles, all the things i'm working on and everything. SUPER excited to share it all with you all.
I hope you all of you are having a super amazing day!
Sending you all lots of love from London.

Off On A Jet Plane!

Currently at the airport now, here’s a typical airport photo, I take one everytime I travel. It’s kind of a tradition now, I’m super excited about this trip though, not so much for the flight but once I land I’ll be over the moon filled with excitement. It’s one of my favourite cities, can you guys guess where I’m going?
I’ll speak to you soon after I land!

VivaFit Membership!

It’s now been a month since I signed up for my new gym membership. I actually got to know about it thanks to my best friend who told me about it when I was still on my Summer trip! After I came back from the holidays, I got to try two of the classes as trials, and it was love at first sight. First of all, the classes don’t have a lot of people in it. Only 20 people max can attend each class so the trainers are very focused on each person training. I attended Body Balance as well as Pilates in August with my best friend and it was Joana running the class. The first thing I noticed was that it was very focused and I love that, second was that any help you need, they’ll be available and answer you. 
There are so many benefits about being a VivaFit Member. I also noticed, the positive vibes you have when you go through that door. The energy it provides, the motivation to kick a** in the class you’re about to attend. I absolutely love it. The VivaFit team is absolutely amazing. Each class you learn so much, you get better, and stronger and you get to be the best version of you.
I signed up on the 5th of October, Today it’s a month exactly and thanks to the motivation you get from the gym, from the VivaFit team from the energy and positive vibes, I managed to see results after only 2 weeks. YES, TWO WEEKS! This is why I said there are so many benefits being a VivaFit Member. 
It’s been absolutely amazing being a member at VivaFit and it “sucks” that I’m traveling tomorrow only because i’m in love with the fitness centre and I can’t wait to be back to get back with my routine.
So basically ever since I started going to VivaFit, I’ve had the honour to have guidance with my lifestyle, in the sense that, going to VivaFit, one of the most important things when you’re a member there is getting support and guidance from the team.
Another amazing things about this fitness centre is that any suggestions you have, the team does it's best to provide it. For example some members suggested to have classes earlier on the weekdays and a few weeks later, VivaFit published their new timetable with classes starting at 8:40 am, which makes it easier for members and non-members who have a later work shift to get that 30 minute workout done in the morning.
Honestly, one of the best things I've done this year. So proud of being a VivaFit Member.

ColorPop Review

One of my best friends Laura, who's also really into make up (and really good at doing makeup) ordered a bunch of makeup from abroad and not too long ago she had asked us if we wanted to order with her, just to not have a million shipments and all. So all three of us ended up ordering a lot of products, I don't like ordering online usually, just because I love being able to try it first unless i've obviously tried it before. So this time I decided to order 2 shades from Colorpop which are Molly & Clueless. These are both the ones that Laura already had and made me try on before I actually ordered them. I really really like both of the ones I got, I find both shades ones one could wear for both day time as well as night time which is what I really really love about them both.
I defiantly recommend buying from Colorpop, if you visit the website, they have SO many options of colors and lipsticks and eye shadows and so on. Honestly, usually it takes ages for a shipment to get from the US to Dubai, this time it only took 10 working days and it was ready for pick up. Absolutely amazing, such good service. I love Colorpop and I can't wait to order more.

Slurpy's Birthday Surprise!

This is a scheduled post, but I really wanted to publish these pictures before it becomes like a month after her birthday….you know I like publishing when it’s like a few days after the event so that I have time to edit the photos if needed and write the article and so on. SO, here it goes. After a week of Laura and I planning how why what where and when, we figured the best plan was to take Slurpy out for “breakfast” but actually pick her up, blind fold her and go to Zero Gravity without her knowing. So Laura went to pick her up, when they were on the way to Zero Gravity, Ana got blindfolded and had to stay blindfolded until we went inside and sat on our wonderful sun bed. I have a video of the part where we open the blindfold and ask her if she knows where we are. You can watch it in not too long on my YouTube Channel.
Anyways, after we told her, we got comfortable and got changed and then started ordering food and of course tons of water  since we were very exposed to the sun. It was absolutely amazing napping in the sun, and spending quality time with my babygirls.
Later on a night I had to pretend I had a migraine and it wasn’t even pretending because I actually got one before going home. So I went to change, shower, got ready to go home because while Laura kept Ana hostage and pretended she wanted juice and all. All that was happening while I had to rush home, get changed and ofcouse chose what to wear, pick up my parents, drive as fast as I can to get special balloons for the decorations and drive super fast to her house. It was intense because there was a lot of traffic and I have a lot of road rage. Anyways, we made it on time, both our families helped with decorating the entire house, balloons and pretty blue birthday things all over the house. I really liked how it turned out, Niki helped too, and wore one of the birthday hats, it was absolutely adorable.
Finally when Laura and Ana arrived, we all got up and shouted SURPRISE when they walked through the door!!! 
I'm so happy the birthday plan turned out as planned, apart from traffic delay. 
Thank you Laura & Paula and everyone involved for making this happen.
I love you all so so much! 
P.S. Hope you all love the pictures as much as I do!
Slurpy, I really really hope you enjoyed your birthday!!! Love you, always and forever!

New month, New Plans, New Goals

This month is a hectic one, in a good way though. Tomorrow i’ve got my hairdresser’s appointment which i’m extremely nervous / excited about. My hair looks amazing since I did it in Italy but for last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that the ends are kinda “dead” and dry and the blonde faded a bit too much so I want to retouch it and like fix it a bit. Then there’s Slurpy’s birthday and she still doesn’t have any plans so I’m not sure what we’re doing! A few days later I need to finish packing my suit case since I’m traveling super soon. I haven’t been to this city since Summer 2011 so it’s been a while and of course I miss it since It’s one of my favourite cities out there. Ofcourse in between all this, I’ve got to continue working on the blog and my youtube channel as well.
It’s going to be a good busy month and I’m super excited about it!
Let’s make this month amazing!!!!

Hairdresser Time!

Hi lovely people, I'm currently at the hairdressers getting my hair done, my blondes were kind of faded and since I'm traveling soon and my graduation is coming up I thought I'd get them done now so that there is enough time for me to get used to it. I'm excited to see how the result turns out, I absolutely love this salon, the hairdressers and stylist here are so professional and I absolutely love how they listen and understand exactly what you want. I got my hair done by Gianpiero, I find him absolutely amazing with both color as well as haircuts. I always walk out of the salon absolutely loving my new hairdo. I'm super excited that it's almost time for drying my hair. I shall write on here soon to show you all how amazing it trend out.

VivaFit's First Birthday!

Wednesday 26th October 2016, 1st year anniversary of VivaFit Dubai. The best fitness centre in Dubai, a ladies only gym where you get guaranteed results with support from the trainers and full nutrition plan after you become a member.
Honestly, from personal experience I can say the vibe in the fitness centre is incredible and you can get results if you really work for it. The trainers are absolutely amazing. 
More about VivaFit in a upcoming article. Stay tuned!!

Today's Gym Look

HELLO LOVES!!!! So happy to be back and updating my blog like crazyyyyy!!!!!
It's almost 3pm so I need to go get ready soon but I wanted to show you my cool outfit for the gym that I wore this morning. I've always loved working out but thanks to my best friend who told me about VivaFit, I've been obsessed. I love going there so much, it brings out so much positive energy. I can't wait for you guys to read all the recent articles I've been writing and show you all the pictures I've been taking.
Don't you just love my Gym outfit? haha Also, who could have thought I'd love this gym so much. Usually after a few months of going to the same gym i'd get demotivated and stuff and not want to go back and I'd do my own workouts at home but with VivaFit it's just different.
I have to tell you guys so much, I just can't wait!
I'm super excited about my trip, can you guys guess where I'm off to?

Booked My Next Trip!

I BOOKED MY NEXT TRIP! I'm so freakin excited about it! haha
I've been seriously researching even though I've already been to this place. I saved photos, information, prices, shops I want to go to etc.

Panic Mode.

AHHHHHHHH: The exact way I feel right now, i took this picture before leaving to Greece & Italy but right now, in exactly an hour, I have 2 hours of gym 4 back to back classes and I also need to finish a bunch of articles to publish for the blog as well as a bunch of videos for my youtube channel. I feel like it's never going to end because i'm so far behind. bleh!

Good Times

One of my oldest uni friends, got engaged not too long ago. I'm super happy for this babe. Her and her boyfriend (now Fiance) have been dating for a while now. Here are just a few pictures of some friends and I hanging out at her engagement party. You can probably tell I was the only sober one! I don't like alcohol anymore (Thankfully) and I'm very proud of it. I had such a good time. I don't believe you can't have fun without drinking, it's honestly the biggest lie.
Hope you guys like the pictures as much as I do.

Clean Eating & Meal Prep.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT: I've seen and heard this so many times. "Eating clean or healthy is so expensive". Bullshit, once again. Eating clean means not eating CRAP.
Chicken fillets, salmon fillet, turkey fillet and tons of veggies is not expensive.
If one wants it bad enough, there needs to be dedication. They will need to get up and cook instead of being lazy and ordering take out. Chicken and veggies is my favourite healthy and clean meal. And trust me, it's inexpensive and so delicious. Before one says something like that, they should try buying clean food and see it's it's actually delicious like 3/4 of the world say.

Keep Calm & Go To Greece ♡

One of the many best holidays spent with my family. I had such an amazing time. So many memories have been made. Forever I'll be in love with Greece.

Our Saddest Day! ♡

Good morning people, unfortunately today is the last day in Santorini. I can’t believe it went by so quickly. They always say when you’re having fun or enjoying something, time flies by and BOOM it’s time to fly home. Greece stole my heart, I don’t actually want to leave. I wish we had more time here, this holiday was absolutely amazing. Honestly, Santorini has been amazing. 
It’s almost time to go to the airport now, not happy about leaving but happy about going to Italy! Such a weird feeling….i must admit. I completely fell in love with Greece, but also super excited to go to Italy and see my friends and family.
I shall talk to you all when I land, or maybe tomorrow morning when I go downstairs for breakfast.
In this post you get to see all the photos from the last few hours in Santorini.

Visiting Oia ♡

Today we’re went to Oia, we decided that the best, easiest and fastest way to not get lost and being able to come back whenever, would be catching a bus, but my sister and I made the bus ride pretty damn entertaining. I had so much fun. OMG. We went around Oia, took a million photos, went to see the famous Donkeys, we were going to go for a ride with the donkeys but we felt really bad and then we read some articles of how bad it is to do something touristy with animals in all these different countries and we were certain that we had taken the correct decision.
We walked all around the town, took more photos, went to find the perfect spot for the beautiful Oia Sunset and when we had found it, chilled a bit and I vlogged and then took a lot more photos than I thought I would take.
Oia was absolutely amazing, such a beautiful island. Defiantly worth visiting that part of Santorini.

Lunch Time In Oia

I personally don't think I have to explain anything on this post. Everything I had in Greece to eat was absolutely amazing. Here are the pictures of all the things we shared and ate for lunch when we were in Oia. Honestly, so delicious.

More Selfies Before Oia

Here we are again, this morning before leaving to Oia. My sister and I are obsessed with taking a cute photo of us on each trip. In Greece, ever since day one, we’ve been coming to this spot of the outdoor pathway and taking a bunch of selfies and then chasing a cute one for our instagram. hehe the things we do. Had tons of fun taking a million photos and getting upset about my phone being filled. hahahah love you.

First Dinner In Santorini

Delicious. Literally everything I had for every meal was absolutely delicious. Here are the photos I took of the things we had on our first night out in Santorini.

Sister's Selfies In Santorini

My sister and I have a habit that overtime we're about to go out, we go to one of the balconies of our hotel and take a million selfies. We ended up taking some really cute ones! I love taking photos with my little one! She's such a cutie!

Rivari Hotel Review

Hello loves, sorry I didn’t write another post last night. Half way through the pool day, I didn’t feel okay so I decided to go take a quick nap and rest for a bit. It didn’t go so well and took longer than I thought. I ended up napping for a little while longer and then finally got up, showered, got ready and went to eat dinner at our favorite restaurant. I need to tell you guys all about that restaurant and if you ever go to Kamari, you should go eat there. The food was delicious, the food presentation was stunning, the people were completely amazing. I literally loved it.
In today's post i'll show you guys some bits and parts of the hotel we stayed at. The hotel was located in Kamari, not too far from the beach, and it was really beautiful. The rooms are like little bungalows, they were all really colourful. The staff from the hotel were sweethearts, always super sweet, super helpful for anything we needed. The breakfast was delicious every morning and of course the rates for the nights we stayed were reasonable. It was a really good first experience staying in Hotel Rivari. I would definitely recommend it.

Anyways, I shall talk to you guys all tomorrow or later today with a new post.

Make sure you check back every once in a while! hehe

Pool, Sun & Milkshakes ♡

This morning we’re heading to the pool, I don’t know how long we’re staying but I feel like it’s going to be a pool day! I’m not feeling the bestest so let’s see maybe i’ll come back to the room.
For now, i’m going to get some sun and drink the best milkshakes, ever.

Around Fira. ♡

Good morninggggg people!! Hope you’re all having an amazing morning wherever you are! It is now 9:30 am here and I’m already showered, dressed and got my make up on, super excited for today, we’re thinking of renting a car or a quad and going up to another town which you cant exactly walk to. The name of this town is Kamari and we want to go up to Fira. I’m super duper excited about the entire day, my sister and I are going to take a bunch of photos, can’t wait to show you everything.

Hello, It's now like 10pm, i'm actually about to go sleep but didn't want to go until I posted these pictures on here, so here we go!
Today was absolutely amazing, we rented a car and went all the way to Fira, (I got sun burnt) and we walked about the town and went to this other place in Fira where we took tons of photos.
Hope you guys had an amazing day! P.S.Let me know if you guys are enjoying the photos.

Visiting Kamari ♡

GREECE DAY 1: It’s the morning after, our first day in Santorini. We’re currently staying in a beach place called Kamari. There are three main towns here and they are Kamari, Fira & Oia. We stayed in Kamari because it was the closest to the beach and that’s exactly what we wanted. Today our plans are to go for a long walk towards the town, our hotel is like 5 minutes away from the beach / town. It’s so convenient. I shall update you guys a bit later and see what we end up doing and where we end up having lunch, dinner ect. I shall write on here later on today. I hope you guys are enjoying my posts so far!

Stole My Heart, And Of Course, My Money!

GREECE DAY 1: Hello my loves, so i’m currently sitting on my bed and i’m in GREECE!!!!!!!! I’ve been extremely excited about this trip, i’m here with my family and i’m beyond excited for the upcoming adventures! It’s really late now as we literally got here maybe like an hour ago. First thing I did when we got to our hotel was a shower!!!! It felt so good after traveling for ages and being in so many airports. So basically, my flights were: Dubai >>> Doha >>> Athens >>> Santorini. The only reason why I did that is because there is obviously no direct flight from Dubai to Santorini and also because, i love traveling so I didn’t mind having a few layovers. I do also love meeting new people, getting lost in airports and experiencing some crazy things throughout my trip.
The first flight which was from Dubai to Doha was like 50 minutes long, I had the entire row to myself and it was peaceful filming for my vlogs and taking some cool cloud photos. When we landed in Doha, I basically had to SPRINT across the airport, that was completely fun. NOT. After we got off, I found a human with STAFF written on his shirt and asked where my gate was and this beautiful couple got kinda lost with me, so we were making sure we were both going in the correct direction. Once we found our gate, we found out we still had like 40 minutes left before the gate opened. So we went to quickly grab water as I had a really dry throat.

Landed in GREECE!!

WE'RE IN ATHENS: I’m beyond excited I can finally tell you!!!!!!!! I’m in GREECE!!!!!! Can you guys believe it???? One of the many places i’ve been wanting to travel to for the longest time!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I’m in ATHENS!!!!! Which makes everything even better! Soon, I'm going to take my last flight and THEN we're going to finally start our holiday!!!! SOOOO EXCITED!

Lunch At The Airport.

ABOUT TO LEAVE: Hi people, hope you’re having an amazing morning so far. I’m at the airport right now waiting to go to my gate, i’m kinda sleepy and a bit hungry as well. We’re just about to eat lunch now and then we’ll start walking towards our gate. I hope you guys have the most amazing day and if you guys are traveling, stay safe and have a wonderful holiday.
Make sure you guys follow me on instagram, I’m going to be uploading a bunch of pictures. I’m not too sure when I’ll have good wifi but make sure you look back and check.

Time To Go.

IT'S TIME: Hello people! I’m currently writing from my room here in Dubai, I’m not too sure how I feel. It’s such a bitter sweet feeling. I’m SO SUPER excited about my trip but at the same time I hate how I can’t bring my puppies with me and like it’s just a horrible feeling going away and leaving my kids behind, even though I know they’re going to be taken care of by someone I love and completely trust and all.
I’m supposed to be finishing up my suit case as I still need to put some last few things such as my “traveling shampoo” and stuff like that. So positive thoughts, I think my trip is going to be super exciting. I can’t wait to tell you all about it! If i’m not too tired when I land then I’ll try write an article for you lovely people.
I actually cannot wait to tell you about the secret place we’re going to. It’s going to be beautiful.
I’m going to go now, but hope all of you beautiful people are going to come back to check for more articles and pictures as i’m super duper excited to share it all with you guys.
Also, as you already probably know, i’m always open to suggestions about anything related to my blog and YouTube channel so please be my guest.
I’m absolutely stoked about me leaving super soon.
Our uber will be here in about 20 minutes so I REALLY need to go.
I will talk to you all when I land.

The Start.

LET'S GO: And I'm ready, I've been preparing articles ever since I left Dubai for my trip so almost all of my articles are already ready and proof-read. It's time to start publishing so we're going to go back in time and I'm going to be publishing photos from when I was still in Dubai, then flying to Greece, then flying to Italy and then my entire trip in Italy. So tonight will be the first article, you might find it weird because it might not be related to my trips and all but that's okay, it might be a forgotten article I was suppose to publish.
So stay tuned because after this one i'll be posting lots and lots of articles so you can see how amazing my trip was.
So from tonight’s article onwards, i’ll be finally starting to share my articles and photos from my Summer holiday. I’ll be talking to you about each day and what we did and all. I’m super excited to share it all with you so stay tuned.
ALSO: Don’t forget to check out my YouTube Channel so you can watch all of my Travel Vlogs and get to feel like you’re on holiday with me.
I hope you guys enjoy all the articles, pictures and vlogs too!!!
Comment on my latest instagram photo to tell me about the feedback!!!
Thanks for being patient!!!

Honey, I'm Home!

BACK IN DXB: I'M BACK IN THE SANDBOX!! So I arrived last night, I got home at about 2am and by the time I said to my puppies and like chilled a bit and everything and then had a really nice cold shower it was likee 3:30am but I STILL managed to wake up super duper early and bring my Bro-In-Law to work. Yeah, I can't believe it either.
ANYWAYS, you guys have no idea how many photos I have to show you. Between Greece and Italy with the family and then after my family left and I continued my holiday but with friends. I'm so damn happy I stayed longer and took all those photos and videos. ALTHOUGH, it's going to be insane trying to edit everything as quickly as possible since I can't exactly publish pictures that were taken in July and only publish them in like October. So long story short, I need to hurry the eff up and like publish everything as soon as possible.
It's all good, i'm super excited to show you everything since every picture I took is absolutely stunning.
I also vlogged every single day in both Greece and Italy. I started uploading all of those a little while ago when I was still on holiday but then I decided to take a little break from the blog, my youtube channel and just in general so that's why i'm only writing this post now.
I hope you guys are having an incredible Summer holiday or even not holiday.
I seriously can't wait to show you everything, please be patient, i promise it'll be worth it.

P.S. Do you like my new blonde hair? ;)

Update: Italy '16

UPDATE TIME: HELLO PEOPLE! I'm currently in Italy, hope you're all having the most amazing day! So far my holidays have been absolutely insane. I don't even know how to describe them. I wanted to tell you and update you  on a few things since I haven't and won't be uploading anything on youtube or on here for a little while. The reason for this update is because I've decided to take a little break and just back off from uploading for a little while.I just honestly want to take some time away from uploading and I'm glad I have been for the past week or so but I decided to take a few more days...
From now until I get back to Dubai which unfortunately isn't in too long, It'll be my "time away from uploading articles and vlogs". BUT I promise, when I get back, i'll be uploading all of my pictures and TONS of editing to do for the vlogs, but i'll try publish as often as possible. 

Also, I wanted to show you a little sneak peak of what's been going on here and maybe talk to you guys about it a bit. Well, I stayed here for about a week with my family but as you all know I'm staying longer with my best friend and her boyfriend. Every day since I landed in Italy has been absolutely amazing.
I'll tell you all about each day in details when I start publishing the articles.
For now, I hope you have an amazing day and evening. If you're traveling, have a safe trip anywhere you go. Explore and have the most amazing time!
I'll talk to you guys all when I'm back in Dubai!
LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you always for your support and patients.

I'm Ready.

I'M SO READY TO BE HOME: The past couple of times that I left to go on a trip, i've had this tradition to take a photo before I go inside the airport. I don't have a new one at the moment, while you're reading this i'll probably be on a flight. Therefore, I decided to re-publish this photo of me before going on my trip to Thailand. I'm actually on my way to Italy right now, I'm so so so so excited! My holiday has been AMAZEBALLS so far and I can't wait for the upcoming things.

On Our Way To Italy

We're currently at the airport waiting to like check in our suit cases for our next flight. We're going to.....ITALYYYYYYY! I'm super duper excited to go since I haven't been home in like 3 years! AHHHH this summer I'm staying with my family for a week and then going to be staying with my best friend and her boyfriend for a bit longer to go on a couple of trips and all! SUPER excited!

Hawaiian Tropic Sun Lotions Review

HAWAIIAN TROPIC: My other obsession right now are lotions, I've always had a huge love for tanning oils or lotions and you guys already know i'm obsessed with coconut. These lotions are perfect. They're the best brand. After trying so many and researching a bunch, i've really come to a conclusion that i'm in love with Hawaiian Tropic, they smell amazing and they actually work.

Ready For My Summer'16.

SUMMER TRIP READY: This is the official post on my blog, to announce that i'm officially ready for my Summer 2016 trip. I'm beyond excited for so many things, I've packed, I've got a bunch of filming and camera equipment ready for taking a bunch of photos and tons of vlogs on my trip! SO excited for you guys to come on this adventure with me.
Suit cases are packed, i'm pretty much ready to go.
Hope you guys all follow me through this adventure.


STRIPES: Hello beautiful people! Hope you're having the most amazing morning!
The pictures are not new, obviously. I'm going to start uploading pictures from trip on here later on, for now you get to enjoy these ones. My makeup was so perfect that day!
Hope you guys are loving your summer!
P.S. Don't forget to follow me on my YouTube Channel, I upload vlogs really daily!


HEAVEN IN A JAR: Okay, no but OMG this was delicious. Best dessert I've had in a while.
Thank you Bubus, for bringing me and blind folding me to not show me where it is.
P.S. I know I always stress on eating clean and as healthy as possible,,,,but I believe in BALANCE. I'm not going to stop eating desserts just because I'm on a journey. Sometimes, you need a cheat meal. AND whenever you do have a cheat meal and maybe feel bad after, just drink TONS....and I mean TONS of water afterwards, I promise it'll help.

Cuddles And Afternoon Tea.

SUPER ADORABLE: My I usually have like 2-3 cups of tea a day, and the other day I went upstairs and brought up my tea & some bisciuts, so both the puppies followed me and were being super cute since I had cookies in the tray next to me! haha
love them so much.

Chosen Nail Color.

SO PRETTY: The nail color I chose. This is it, the one called "Bikini So Teeny" by Essie. Love this color, it looks amazing.

I'm Coming Home ♡

SUMMER BREAK: Ahhhhhh I can FINALLY say out on here! I'm going HOME! I'm going to Italy in less than 2 weeks! I'll be spending time with my best friend and a couple of other close friends from my home town. I'm SO excited! Not only to see my baby girl Giulia, BUT to be in European air. I love Summer, it's my favourite season (in Europe where it's not boiling hot). Going to Italy early is just SUPER exciting! I'll be going on a few different adventures with them there and of course I'll also be updating the blog, my YoutTube Channel, Instagram
I've been home-sick for a little while now and I honestly think I need a little break from here and just need sometime to relax and enjoy a Summer holiday in Italy with some of my favourite people out there.
Don't get me wrong, I love Dubai but in the Summer, I feel like i have the need to travel and to visit my home town. This year I consider myself EXTRA lucky to be going there early and spending some quality time with my close home town friends. 
I also think, another reason why I want to have a little break from here is because I literally just finished University, I got my grades not too long ago! (and I'm REALLY happy with the results) so i'm just so so so happy!
Can't wait to bring you guys on super fun adventures with me! 


NO MOREPatience is a charm. Right now, patience level......ZERO. I'm like on an urge to just go go go!!!! I just wanna go. haha Breath in.....Breath out......inhale.....exhale.....

After My Run.

RUNNER FOREVERAhhhhhh you guys know how much i LOVE to run. I love running and I love going to run at my park. Now that it's summer and it's CRAZY hot, I can't go everyday because my knee hurts when it's humid and too hot. I just wanted to share this post with you and just talk about how much i love running and how much I dislike people who say they don't have time or they don't like it or it's too hot or too cold. JUST get up and go. If my knee didn't hurt as much as it does these days, i'd still go but in the last few weeks that I "ignored" the pain and still went running, it was GORGEOUS!
So get up, put some running shoes on and get out of the house to go for a run!

So Damn Excited.

OBSESSION: Okay,yes, I do have a lot of obsessions. I've been in love with planning things early. Like especially this  year, i've noticed that the more I plan, the better things turn out. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean "know what to expect or have high expectations" I mean, I love knowing which days i'm doing what just to know (for example) what kind of outfits to bring. This year, holiday plans have been going extremely smooth. I've always been one to write everything down and slowly slowly, with growing up and knowing more and more, I've learn what are the most important things to write down.
These past few days, apart from working on the blog and youtube channel and all the social media. I've been planning out the trips and going all crazy about things to do in each place.
literally have like, everything written down. I even wrote down what I wanted to pack for my trip.
I'm crazy like that.
I love you guys all so so much!
Speak to you all soon!