Chopping My Hair All Off!

OKAY! Enough throw back posts for a bit, I still have TONS to show you guys but I think i went a little cray cray! It's time to take a tiny break from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Europe and oh my goodness I still have photos from SOUTH AFRICA to show you! This is insane. 
Okay back to reality for a bit....GOOD MORNING PEOPLE! Hope you're all having a beautiful morning! My birthday is so so so so so so SOOOOOO soon!! Like, tomorrow is JUNE FIRST. CAN  YOU GUYS EVEN BELIVE IT? I can't! I can't believe half of 2016 is poof....GONE!
Okay, it is pretty exciting though...First of all, I love love love loveeeeee Summer time, second I love traveling, third, I'm going on a serious Job Hunt super soon after I get back from my vacation. 
This sums up to me saying: New Job + New Salary = new travel destinations. This time next year, i could be going to Alaska....okay - maybe not alaska...but you get my point.

However, this year is super exciting too. I get to start my holiday with my family and end it with my best friend and her boyfriend. I can't wait to tell you guys where i'm going! AHHHH!
Anyways, I'm off to yet another appointment now so I gotta run! 
I'm chopping all my hair off just in time for my birthday celebration! haha
Hope you guys have an amaaaaazing day! 
Stay awesome! Talk soon!

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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