I Like Planning Early

SUMMER TRIPS: If you know me, you already know this...I LOVE planning early. I don't really know why. Maybe It's cuz I feel much more organised when I have things planned and I know where to go and stuff.
For example, I started looking at flights for my summer trip more than a month before my flight. Yes, I know, some of you might think "wth, why so early" but I just love being organized with these type of things. MY FLIGHT IS BOOKED AND SO ARE THE HOTELS. Which meansssssss, I have a lot more time to plan out my day trips and so on. I'm going to make a list of things I really wanna visit and like all that. OMG I LOVE TRAVELING so so much! Can't wait to be on a flight! 
ANYWAYS! You better be excited for all the articles, a million and a half photos and 2.5 million VLOGS! I'm going to be documenting pretty much EVERYTHING of the trip.
P.S. I said I like being organised, I have no expectations of anything...I just love planning things.
Love you guysssss!!! 

♥ Giulia Zampieri



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