I'm Ready.

I'M SO READY TO BE HOME: The past couple of times that I left to go on a trip, i've had this tradition to take a photo before I go inside the airport. I don't have a new one at the moment, while you're reading this i'll probably be on a flight. Therefore, I decided to re-publish this photo of me before going on my trip to Thailand. I'm actually on my way to Italy right now, I'm so so so so excited! My holiday has been AMAZEBALLS so far and I can't wait for the upcoming things.

On Our Way To Italy

We're currently at the airport waiting to like check in our suit cases for our next flight. We're going to.....ITALYYYYYYY! I'm super duper excited to go since I haven't been home in like 3 years! AHHHH this summer I'm staying with my family for a week and then going to be staying with my best friend and her boyfriend for a bit longer to go on a couple of trips and all! SUPER excited!

Hawaiian Tropic Sun Lotions Review

HAWAIIAN TROPIC: My other obsession right now are lotions, I've always had a huge love for tanning oils or lotions and you guys already know i'm obsessed with coconut. These lotions are perfect. They're the best brand. After trying so many and researching a bunch, i've really come to a conclusion that i'm in love with Hawaiian Tropic, they smell amazing and they actually work.

Ready For My Summer'16.

SUMMER TRIP READY: This is the official post on my blog, to announce that i'm officially ready for my Summer 2016 trip. I'm beyond excited for so many things, I've packed, I've got a bunch of filming and camera equipment ready for taking a bunch of photos and tons of vlogs on my trip! SO excited for you guys to come on this adventure with me.
Suit cases are packed, i'm pretty much ready to go.
Hope you guys all follow me through this adventure.


STRIPES: Hello beautiful people! Hope you're having the most amazing morning!
The pictures are not new, obviously. I'm going to start uploading pictures from trip on here later on, for now you get to enjoy these ones. My makeup was so perfect that day!
Hope you guys are loving your summer!
P.S. Don't forget to follow me on my YouTube Channel, I upload vlogs really daily!


HEAVEN IN A JAR: Okay, no but OMG this was delicious. Best dessert I've had in a while.
Thank you Bubus, for bringing me and blind folding me to not show me where it is.
P.S. I know I always stress on eating clean and as healthy as possible,,,,but I believe in BALANCE. I'm not going to stop eating desserts just because I'm on a journey. Sometimes, you need a cheat meal. AND whenever you do have a cheat meal and maybe feel bad after, just drink TONS....and I mean TONS of water afterwards, I promise it'll help.

Cuddles And Afternoon Tea.

SUPER ADORABLE: My I usually have like 2-3 cups of tea a day, and the other day I went upstairs and brought up my tea & some bisciuts, so both the puppies followed me and were being super cute since I had cookies in the tray next to me! haha
love them so much.

Chosen Nail Color.

SO PRETTY: The nail color I chose. This is it, the one called "Bikini So Teeny" by Essie. Love this color, it looks amazing.

I'm Coming Home ♡

SUMMER BREAK: Ahhhhhh I can FINALLY say out on here! I'm going HOME! I'm going to Italy in less than 2 weeks! I'll be spending time with my best friend and a couple of other close friends from my home town. I'm SO excited! Not only to see my baby girl Giulia, BUT to be in European air. I love Summer, it's my favourite season (in Europe where it's not boiling hot). Going to Italy early is just SUPER exciting! I'll be going on a few different adventures with them there and of course I'll also be updating the blog, my YoutTube Channel, Instagram
I've been home-sick for a little while now and I honestly think I need a little break from here and just need sometime to relax and enjoy a Summer holiday in Italy with some of my favourite people out there.
Don't get me wrong, I love Dubai but in the Summer, I feel like i have the need to travel and to visit my home town. This year I consider myself EXTRA lucky to be going there early and spending some quality time with my close home town friends. 
I also think, another reason why I want to have a little break from here is because I literally just finished University, I got my grades not too long ago! (and I'm REALLY happy with the results) so i'm just so so so happy!
Can't wait to bring you guys on super fun adventures with me! 


NO MOREPatience is a charm. Right now, patience level......ZERO. I'm like on an urge to just go go go!!!! I just wanna go. haha Breath in.....Breath out......inhale.....exhale.....

After My Run.

RUNNER FOREVERAhhhhhh you guys know how much i LOVE to run. I love running and I love going to run at my park. Now that it's summer and it's CRAZY hot, I can't go everyday because my knee hurts when it's humid and too hot. I just wanted to share this post with you and just talk about how much i love running and how much I dislike people who say they don't have time or they don't like it or it's too hot or too cold. JUST get up and go. If my knee didn't hurt as much as it does these days, i'd still go but in the last few weeks that I "ignored" the pain and still went running, it was GORGEOUS!
So get up, put some running shoes on and get out of the house to go for a run!

So Damn Excited.

OBSESSION: Okay,yes, I do have a lot of obsessions. I've been in love with planning things early. Like especially this  year, i've noticed that the more I plan, the better things turn out. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean "know what to expect or have high expectations" I mean, I love knowing which days i'm doing what just to know (for example) what kind of outfits to bring. This year, holiday plans have been going extremely smooth. I've always been one to write everything down and slowly slowly, with growing up and knowing more and more, I've learn what are the most important things to write down.
These past few days, apart from working on the blog and youtube channel and all the social media. I've been planning out the trips and going all crazy about things to do in each place.
literally have like, everything written down. I even wrote down what I wanted to pack for my trip.
I'm crazy like that.
I love you guys all so so much!
Speak to you all soon!

Take Me Back.

These photos were taken last summer, in Sri Lanka. That's where my beautiful sister & her husband got married. How gorgeous is the beach!!!????

Yet Another Workout.

BREAK: Ahhhhh here I am again, taking selfies before I go right there on that pink yoga mat for my workout. haha
Yeah I have curly hair and it's all about to go down the drain....
When I workout I usually get my hair all gross and all...not exciting.
oh well, time to go! I'll speak to you guys all later!

Choosing My Color.

DECISIONS: My newest nail color obsession is mint green, light blue and all fresh blue-ish colors. I LOVE summery-fresh-colorred nails.

Healthy Breaky!

HEALTHY-LOVIN: Ahh I just love love love breakfast. It's my favourite meal of the day and the most important one too. There are so many different things you can have for breakfast, it's a bit crazy thinking how many options we have.
What's your favourite meal of the day?

Gym Workout.

GYM WORKOUT TIME: This morning was one of those morning where I really felt like having some alone time and of course I ended up in the gym, I don't usually go to this gym which i'm not going to mention the name but I just wanted to get a workout in so I thought why not! I spent approx an hour on the treadmill, which I hate, because it makes me dizzy and it never ends - MUCH prefer running outside but not in this heat. IT WAS 52*C the other by the way!!!!!
Anyways, then after the treadmill, I did 30 mins of different things such as arms and back exercises and of course lifted a few weights.
I love the gym, it makes me feel so much better after such a simple workout.

Fav Nail Color.

D&G: I'm currently in love with this color. I usually go do my nails at the salon but I recently re-organized some parts of my room and I had completely forgotten about this amazing dark purple. Can't wait to use it again and again. I used it a lot a couple of months ago then I don't know why but I had stopped.
What's your favourite nail color?


OBSESSION: My newest addition to my family, Mr.Cuddles. Born on the 5th July 2016. I'm completely obsessed with him. He is the cutest ever. It was literally love at first sight.
Since today i'm not feeling well, I haven\t stopped cuddling him yet. He is super soft. Seriously, who needs a boyfriend when you have things like Mr.Cuddles.
I took this photoshoot in my room the other day, just think it's the cutest photoshoot ever (excluding the ones with my puppies). HE IS ADORABLE!

Showpo Lovin'.

OOTD: I'm SO excited for this post you guys! YOU HAVE NO IDEA! A new outfit post, FINALLY! It's been forever since i've taken "outfit photos". I didn't think it was possible to miss doing something when it's just for my blog. I actually miss it. I miss wearing such cool statement necklaces and styling an outfit I can wear and taking a million photos before my sister went out. Oh well, it's all good, I'll be taking tons more this Summer. Promise. ESPECIALLY on my summer trip!
I promise there will be tons of outfit photos super soon! I'm trying to mix it up a bit to get the rhythm back!

Newest Addition.

OBSESSION: I'm blogging this the morning after I got him, but OMG I received the cutest gift ever. He is a giant teddy bear and it's definitely the cutest addition to the family in a while.

Completely Stoked.

S.T.O.K.E.D. This is AMAZEBALLS. I'm so damn excited to go on my trip, cannot get over it. Do you guys like my new top by the way? I find it super cute! 

Safety First.

MY LOVE: Safety First. Please be grateful to meet Mr.Cuddles. haha isn't he the CUTEST?

Clean Eating & Meal Prep.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT: I've seen and heard this so many times. "Eating clean or healthy is so expensive". Bullshit, once again. Eating clean means not eating CRAP.
Chicken fillets, salmon fillet, turkey fillet and tons of veggies is not expensive.
If one wants it bad enough, there needs to be dedication. They will need to get up and cook instead of being lazy and ordering take out. Chicken and veggies is my favourite healthy and clean meal. And trust me, it's inexpensive and so delicious. Before one says something like that, they should try buying clean food and see it's it's actually delicious like 3/4 of the world say.


DAY NUMBER FOUR: This post is literally just because I've been so motivated thanks to Ashy Bines, it's amazing how she makes one feel so connected to her just by sharing so much on snapchat and instagram and through her reality TV Show.
It doesn't matter what you're doing throughout your day, there is no such thing as "I DON'T HAVE TIME". I really really dislike people who use that. It's such bullcrap. If you really want something you;ll make it happen. You'll wake up earlier or you'll go to sleep later but you'll get it done.
And on the 1st of July I started the booty challenge again. I love this app so so much. Maybe one day i'll share the before and after picture with you all.
So now that it's Summer for a lot of you out there, you must think through and if you HONESTLY REALLY want it bad enough, TRUST ME, you'll make time and make it happen.
I'm on day 4 and soon i'll be on a plane and then later I'll be enjoying my time soaking up the sun at the beach with my best friend but i'll make sure to get my workout done everydamnday.

1096 Days Since...

3 YEARS: It's been 1096 days, since I got my driver's license. HAPPY DAYS! Damn, it felt so good going home from my test and going for a drive. Ahhhhh!

Happy 4th of July!

(Moodboard done by: ME, 2011)

HAPPY 4TH: A quick post just to wish all the people in the States celebrating and who read my biog a wonderful Fourth Of July! Hope you all celebrated with your loved ones.

Current Beauty Favorites.

BEAUTY PRODUCT REVIEW: Hello guys! Sharing some of my beauty favorites on the blog today :) I thought of this post just because I've been buying so many new things lately, it made sense to sort of a product review on the new beauty products i've been using.For the longest time I wasn’t really into makeup and didn’t branch out and try a ton of new products but for the past couple months i’ve been really into finding new things to try! I wanted to do a post on some of my new favorites and let you guys know what I think about them! Also comment below any of your summer favourites.

Before My Run.

LET'S GO: Hello guys! I literally just took these photos. I'm ready to go for a run! My hair is going to get all sweaty and gross after that but that's fine. I'm hoping you're having an AMAZING day!
Speak to you all super soon!

Always Drink H2O.

STAY HYDRATED: Andddd YES! That is correct, my new water bottle is AWESOME! It has my initial and it's baby blue. I couldn't have received a better one for my birthday by one of my closest friends.
Don't forget to always drink your H2O.

♥ Giulia Zampieri


A Fresh Start.

January 1st people. Can anyone out there believe it? Because, I really can’t.

Last night, I was thinking of a good way to start this month, and a few things got into my head but the first one was obviously running, so before I went to sleep, I prepared my outfit, shoes, and everything i needed to get in the morning so it wouldn’t waste time. I went to sleep early so it would be a tiny bit easier waking up as I haven’t gone running in a while. This morning I went running for the first time in ages, (the other day I went but my knee was hurting). It felt so good going really really early and smelling the fresh air. I started out with walking, then I jogged for a bit just to make sure my knee was okay and then i finally had a run. It felt really really good. I finished off my morning with a nice yoga session and of course took a lot of photos before, during and after.

Hope you all have an amazing start of the month! 

Hello July '16.

BREAK: Ahhhhhh OMG! I seriously cannot believe it's JULY! This is insane. It feels like my it was yesterday that I was writing a post saying how I can't believe it's April and now it's JULY!
SO happy but sad....very bitter sweet feeling. I love love love Summer and there are so so so many things happening that i'm looking forward to but a lot of the things after I come back I can put in the "scary" category. A lot of the things happening are exciting but life changing..there's A LOT happening in the next couple of months!