Good Night. ♡

Looks like my bed is calling my name for a long-super comfy night sleep.

On Repeat. ♡

Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend - a track i'm currently obsessed with. I find the video clip incredible. Seems like it was super fun recording aswell.

Coffee At Timmies.

Just got home from Timmies where Laura and I had coffee. I must say, coffee at Timmies is always a good idea, it’s just so yumm.

Old Friends.

Just one picture taken the other day with one of my oldest friends who I met wayyyyyy back in foundation year in Uni, back in 2011. Wow - feels like ages ago. I feel old just thinking about it.

Puppies For Adoption.

Don’t you just want to adopt all of them?

Benefit Love ♡

Hello loves, the other day i went shopping with my sister, and honestly i have so much fun going with her since firstly, she gives awesome advice and suggestions. Second, a lot of the times she buys me something haha which is also awesome.

Night Out With My Ladies. ♡

Something a bit different for once, this time we went to Global Village! They have this beautiful coffee place and it feels like you're in Portugal when you sit at the cafe. The food is so delicious, it's so yumm! 

My Puppies. ♡

My babies. ♡

Lunch In Mirdif.

Lunch with my favorite friend in Mirdif, super super yummy. It was at around this time that we came up with the genius idea of going out that night. It was wonderful.

Volkswagen Buddies.

The other day my Laura-Bear and I were car buddies. Since my Laura-Bear and I always seem to arrive at uni at the same time, okay maybe it’s because we live in pretty much the same area and somehow we always manage to leave our houses at the same time.

Think Happy Thoughts.

Life is good lately, like really good. Apart from the fact that it’s been freezing cold, so much good stuff is happening, its like the universe is reacting to my overflow of good thoughts and being positive is now manifesting so much quicker.

Noodle House.

Noodle House. ♡ I don't think I even have to add more. One of the most delicious places. If you go there, order the Duck Pancakes. ♡


// The other day, when my best friend was on my side of town. We ended up having a lunch date and of course we chose to go to Salt.

12 weeks.

// So i'm sitting here at uni, i'm actually in my car since I had forgotten my glasses in here.Anyways, since I was here and it's my lunch break I wanted to quickly update you on something CRAZY.

New Babies.

Wednesday today! I’ve decided to finally, slowly show you every one of my Christmas gifts, they’re all so so pretty. Anyways, these beautiful babies were found under my Christmas tree when opening presents and wow, Santa definitely read my list very well. I just love love love Christmas.

Fitbit Addict.

Ever since I got the Fitbit watch as one of my Christmas gifts, I’ve been slightly obsessed with it. This thing is so addictive. It counts your steps, heart rate, calories and so on but my main is steps and omg, If i don’t hit my target every single day, i get so upset. I feel like I should calm down a bit, but geeze it’s such a big motivation to just keep going and always be active and moving.
i love it. love it. love it. love it.


// Another random post, this time showing my hair and how good it looked on that day. My hair is very very straight, so when I braid it, or sometimes when I'm bothered curl it, it looks so unusual and good I just love it.

Last Day Of The Holidays.

Hi guys, unfortunately this is the post where i say bye to the holidays. Today’s the last day to enjoy it fully before going back to the routine of having classes in between having a good day. Okay, no I like going to some classes but, it’s slightly annoying since this semester is a bit random with class timings. Oh well, what to do.
Let’s make this day awesome shall we?

Slurpy Lunch Date.

The other day, Slurps called and I was actually about to start cleaning the house but she was asking about going on a lunch date…and i’m sorry but who says no to FOOD with BEST FRIEND?


// Sorry for being random but I just HAVE to write a post about my new pretty nails haha (I love the feeling of new polished nails!!!)

Breaky With Sister.

Goooooood morning loves! I literally took this like thirty minutes ago, I’ve been spending some quality time with my sister these days,

Four Years Ago.

Can you guys believe this was 4 years ago???? Like, four!!! FOUR years!!! I can’t believe how quickly time is FLYING by. Just in general. It’s insane.

Hello January '16

2016 GOALS & AIMS: Happy New Year, everyone! For me, 2016 will be the year of milestones and making positive changes in my life. Pixels Thoughts and Words just turned five, or half a decade this past September and i will be turning 24 this June. Both are huge milestones in my book. I will never forget the day I decided to start this blog, and thinking that it would never go anywhere.

Happy New Year!

NEW YEAR, NEW PLANS: Welcome! A great start to the new year! I can't believe it's 2016. Not only that but there are so many things happening this year! It's insane!
Just the fact that it's almost six years since I publish my first post on this blog, or the fact that I was still in IB or more like high school when I was thinking of my blog name.
Or that this year, in 6 months and 2 days I'll be turning twenty-four freakin years old. 
Ahhhh so many things. 
Anyways, I went to sleep at like 7am today and it's now like 3pm and I'm about to get my workout done since I couldn't this morning. 
I'm planning to spend the rest of my holiday at the beach or in the pool....pretty much just soaking up the sun.
I'll speak to you a bit later, hope you had an amazing start to this year!
Happy New Year my loves!

New Year's Eve.

CELEBRATION: Hello guys! I spent the last day of 2015 with my best friend at the beach, soaking up the sun and pretty much just having some quality time together. Plans for the night, we had zero. I really wanted to go to this desert event that was happening but none of my friends wanted to go. I wanted to do something different than just a usual house party, or typically Dubai thing is going to a club...I never went and never will on New Year's Eve.


// I guess I’m not the only one who’s been on the couch all day? Haha… Damn I’m so tired after last night’s celebration. I’ve been watching Desperate Housewives all day and had icecream and now I’m waiting for the delivery guy to come deliver my pizza. :-)
I just wanted to check in and say hi. Hope you had a nice new year’s eve and HELLO 2016!! I’ll update again tomorrow with photos and so on. Hugs my loves!

♥ Giulia Zampieri