Chopping My Hair All Off!

OKAY! Enough throw back posts for a bit, I still have TONS to show you guys but I think i went a little cray cray! It's time to take a tiny break from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Europe and oh my goodness I still have photos from SOUTH AFRICA to show you! This is insane. 
Okay back to reality for a bit....GOOD MORNING PEOPLE! Hope you're all having a beautiful morning! My birthday is so so so so so so SOOOOOO soon!! Like, tomorrow is JUNE FIRST. CAN  YOU GUYS EVEN BELIVE IT? I can't! I can't believe half of 2016 is poof....GONE!
Okay, it is pretty exciting though...First of all, I love love love loveeeeee Summer time, second I love traveling, third, I'm going on a serious Job Hunt super soon after I get back from my vacation. 
This sums up to me saying: New Job + New Salary = new travel destinations. This time next year, i could be going to Alaska....okay - maybe not alaska...but you get my point.

However, this year is super exciting too. I get to start my holiday with my family and end it with my best friend and her boyfriend. I can't wait to tell you guys where i'm going! AHHHH!
Anyways, I'm off to yet another appointment now so I gotta run! 
I'm chopping all my hair off just in time for my birthday celebration! haha
Hope you guys have an amaaaaazing day! 
Stay awesome! Talk soon!

Fun Photoshoot On The Beach

Every single day was amazing when we were in Sri Lanka. Every day was different, but wow I loved every moment since the minute we landed. This day, was a couple of days before the wedding. My dad always has the camera ready when I say can we take some cute photos. I thought some Daughter-dad kisses were necessary. I love these photos.

1 Year Ago.

It was May last year when I had a mini vacation in Thailand. Here are some forgotten pictures that I never actually published....I feel like I'm finding a lot of these pictures now a days! 
I hope you guys love them all!


Literally took this photo about an hour ago, I had to drop my sister off somewhere so I didn't have time to upload it on here until now.
Happy Friday by the way! 1 week left till I turn 24. I hope you're having an incredible day!
Love you guys loads.
P.s. Don't you just L O V E this photo of my baby and i??
I'm obsessed.


Induruwa Sea Turtle Conservation Project, Sri Lanka

Another super duper throw back!!! I know, these were totally taken before the actual wedding day but I don't even remember why, i never actually got to publish them. These photos are all so so so so cute!
The turtles were SOOOOO adorable. I still can't get over it!
I can't wait to go back to Sri Lanka! Best holiday so far.
Hope you guys love these photos as much as I do!!


Hello people, it's currently 00:17 in the freaking night....usually i'm asleep WAY earlier than this, also because I usually workout every morning so i'm suppose to be up in 5 hours. Let's see if I manage! 
ANYWAYS, for the past two hours and a bit, don't ask why - but I've been going through my hard drives, and OH MY GOODNESS, I found more than THREE HUNDRED videos....and this is just ONE of the 4 hard drives I own.

Mornings In Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is another place which i completely fell in love with. Spending the morning around the hotel after having a huge breakfast every morning was just insane. Here are some photos taken in the morning before & after breakfast! I can't wait to go back by the way.

Bubus Car Photoshoot

No, these photos are not recent. Mario-bear and I probably took these photos sometime last  year, but I had completely forgotten about so so so many posts. I apologise. I hope you guys like these silly photos of him and I.

Face Swaps: Snapchat

So as you probably know already, face swapping has been "the thing" haha no but it's just SO much fun! When Nick was here back in January, I thought it would be pretty funny to do it. Then the other day at brunch, my sister and I tried it out and I ended up passing my phone around for other friends to try it! haha 
I took more the other day with my friends at the pool but I can't find the photos anymore. Sad times.

Recovery BBQ & Pool Party

I know I know! It's almost been a YEAR since these photos were taken! I've been so so so bad at this whole punishing thing  but promise, never again. University had taken over and I just couldn't keep up with everything. Anyways, let's pretend it's August 2015 and I just got back to Dubai from my amazing trip in Sri Lanka and enjoy these awesome photos with the people that attended the "Recovery BBQ".  Okay no, it wasn't with each and every person that was there but, I didn't spend the entire day outside at the the night before I had some things to drink and I felt pretty ill the morning after, the Villa bed was SO comfy!
I hope you guys kinda forgive me and just enjoy these photos!

April Brunch Fun

Good morning guys! I'm publishing these photos a tad bit late but that's okay. This brunch was booked because a friend came to visit from the UK so it was a must. A bunch of friends together, laughing, having fun, drinking and more laughing. If you guys want to see more of the brunch, go to my youtube channel and go watch the vlog I published on there.
I had tons of fun at this brunch. I ate so much, the desserts were incredible...I felt like I was 7 months preggers afterwards. Such a fun day! I was the sober driver there, but I still had so so so much fun! It was the best!

Weekend Fitness Inspiration

Good morning loves!
You guys know i've always loved fitness, the other day I was looking through pinterest and I came across some really awesome pictures that I call "motivation-pics" so I thought I would make a post on my blog about it. I'm still working on my body, it's still "under progress" and even when I do get the body I want and the areas i'm working on are toned and all, I won't ever stop working on it.
Hope these pictures help you get some motivation!

Sister-Love ♥

I'm completely obsessed with this photo. I think we both look so nice and It doesn't happen very often that we both like the same photo of us two. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!
Keep out for new posts very often from now! 

♥ Giulia Zampieri


I know I know! It's happened PLENTY of times before, but I'm honestly back! I finished Uni and until I don't start job hunting, i'm completely free. I actually wanted to first of all, apologise for being away that long. I've missed you guys! Let me quickly re-cap of the things that have been happening until this very day.
Jan-recap: classes began, getting adapted to new scheduele and classes.
Feb-recap: new assignments, new projects
March-recap: freak out about it being last month of uni. Prepare final projects
April-Recap: hand it a million projects.
May-Recap: make sure all lectures have all our work. Final submissions (one of the classes)

So pretty much a little hectic, I must admit. This past semester, there was ALWAYS something to submit or get feedback about, or work on it more and stuff like this.

On May 12th, my best friend Giulia & her boyfriend from Italy, came to visit me and have me play tourist again! We spent some good 5 days and some quality best friend time while we could. I hadn't seen her in 3 years!! I love love love love these friendships that I could not see her for AGES and the minute we see each other again, nothing changes.
Now that they're back in Italy (sad emoji), apart from getting ill and forcing myself to stay in bed, I've been planning out some videos, some blog posts as well as getting really excited about my birthday.
Here on the blog, i'm just going to publish a bunch of articles as if I never stopped.
Also, I can't wait to tell you guys about my SUMMER PLANS!

By the way, I hope you have all been watching my youtube videos!!! 
I shall talk to you guys super soon!

It's Over!

 NEXT: Ahhhhhhhhh! it's all over. I'm done with Uni and It's not hitting me yet, I think it might take me a while to realise that I'm not going to have classes anymore.
I finished working on my essays, I finished giving in all of my assignments.
I'm actually very excited about the new chapter, also because I'm going to be so happy with the new routine, new job and new salary, new gym membership, new travel plans and of course new friends.