Ready To Graduate!

Yes, I'm actually wearing my pjs right now but i'm super excited to be graduating SUPER soon!!!! I can't believe how quickly time has passed!!! Oh my gosh time is passing by extremely quickly! I can't describe it in words but WOW, University has been a blast and I wouldn't change anything about these past 4 years. Loved every bit of it.
Let's make it an amazing Grad!
Hope you're all having an amazing Saturday!

Currently: In London

HELLO LOVES! A lot has been happening over the last couple of weeks starting from the last week of October with a bunch of events happening at fitness centre I go to. Going to the fitness centre every single morning, planning my trip, buying things for the trip, packing and planning my Slurpy's surprise birthday with Laura Bear. 
The events at the fitness centre VivaFit were absolutely amazing. It all started on the 16th of October and ended the 31st. VivaFit launched the new choreography to Sh'Bam, Body Balance, BodyVive, Strength and Sbarre. On the 26th of October they had a class with a mixture of classes including Zumba and Sh'Bam and honestly Dancing With The Stars was the PERFECT title to the event. The trainers at VivaFit Dubai are honestly amazing. I had so so much fun with that class. 
The 29th there was a class of SBarre and BodyBalance masterclass held at the Barsha Park and a lot of people attended. It was a very successful event.
The 31st October, VivaFit made a Halloween Challenge at the end of all the classes. Since I love challenges, it was really really good and really challenging which is absolutely awesome.
I honestly love challenges and VivaFit so honestly changing and practicing the new choreography was absolutely amazing. 
THAT'S NOT ALL, on the 1st of November, VivaFit released the new scheduele and i'm absolutely in love with it. The fact that there is a class all the time just makes it easier for all humans who have a busy day which is usually an excuse for a lot of us, but not with VivaFit because honestly, you have no excuses with them.
Now, I'm in London and i'm absolutely loving it, I will share all the pictures super soon, work is piling up and there just aren't enough hours in a day. I really need to start waking up even earlier than I already do.
I can't wait to share a few things with you that I still need to keep to myself for a little longer!!!
I'm actually trying to work really really quickly on all the articles, all the things i'm working on and everything. SUPER excited to share it all with you all.
I hope you all of you are having a super amazing day!
Sending you all lots of love from London.

Off On A Jet Plane!

Currently at the airport now, here’s a typical airport photo, I take one everytime I travel. It’s kind of a tradition now, I’m super excited about this trip though, not so much for the flight but once I land I’ll be over the moon filled with excitement. It’s one of my favourite cities, can you guys guess where I’m going?
I’ll speak to you soon after I land!

VivaFit Membership!

It’s now been a month since I signed up for my new gym membership. I actually got to know about it thanks to my best friend who told me about it when I was still on my Summer trip! After I came back from the holidays, I got to try two of the classes as trials, and it was love at first sight. First of all, the classes don’t have a lot of people in it. Only 20 people max can attend each class so the trainers are very focused on each person training. I attended Body Balance as well as Pilates in August with my best friend and it was Joana running the class. The first thing I noticed was that it was very focused and I love that, second was that any help you need, they’ll be available and answer you. 
There are so many benefits about being a VivaFit Member. I also noticed, the positive vibes you have when you go through that door. The energy it provides, the motivation to kick a** in the class you’re about to attend. I absolutely love it. The VivaFit team is absolutely amazing. Each class you learn so much, you get better, and stronger and you get to be the best version of you.
I signed up on the 5th of October, Today it’s a month exactly and thanks to the motivation you get from the gym, from the VivaFit team from the energy and positive vibes, I managed to see results after only 2 weeks. YES, TWO WEEKS! This is why I said there are so many benefits being a VivaFit Member. 
It’s been absolutely amazing being a member at VivaFit and it “sucks” that I’m traveling tomorrow only because i’m in love with the fitness centre and I can’t wait to be back to get back with my routine.
So basically ever since I started going to VivaFit, I’ve had the honour to have guidance with my lifestyle, in the sense that, going to VivaFit, one of the most important things when you’re a member there is getting support and guidance from the team.
Another amazing things about this fitness centre is that any suggestions you have, the team does it's best to provide it. For example some members suggested to have classes earlier on the weekdays and a few weeks later, VivaFit published their new timetable with classes starting at 8:40 am, which makes it easier for members and non-members who have a later work shift to get that 30 minute workout done in the morning.
Honestly, one of the best things I've done this year. So proud of being a VivaFit Member.

ColorPop Review

One of my best friends Laura, who's also really into make up (and really good at doing makeup) ordered a bunch of makeup from abroad and not too long ago she had asked us if we wanted to order with her, just to not have a million shipments and all. So all three of us ended up ordering a lot of products, I don't like ordering online usually, just because I love being able to try it first unless i've obviously tried it before. So this time I decided to order 2 shades from Colorpop which are Molly & Clueless. These are both the ones that Laura already had and made me try on before I actually ordered them. I really really like both of the ones I got, I find both shades ones one could wear for both day time as well as night time which is what I really really love about them both.
I defiantly recommend buying from Colorpop, if you visit the website, they have SO many options of colors and lipsticks and eye shadows and so on. Honestly, usually it takes ages for a shipment to get from the US to Dubai, this time it only took 10 working days and it was ready for pick up. Absolutely amazing, such good service. I love Colorpop and I can't wait to order more.

Slurpy's Birthday Surprise!

This is a scheduled post, but I really wanted to publish these pictures before it becomes like a month after her birthday….you know I like publishing when it’s like a few days after the event so that I have time to edit the photos if needed and write the article and so on. SO, here it goes. After a week of Laura and I planning how why what where and when, we figured the best plan was to take Slurpy out for “breakfast” but actually pick her up, blind fold her and go to Zero Gravity without her knowing. So Laura went to pick her up, when they were on the way to Zero Gravity, Ana got blindfolded and had to stay blindfolded until we went inside and sat on our wonderful sun bed. I have a video of the part where we open the blindfold and ask her if she knows where we are. You can watch it in not too long on my YouTube Channel.
Anyways, after we told her, we got comfortable and got changed and then started ordering food and of course tons of water  since we were very exposed to the sun. It was absolutely amazing napping in the sun, and spending quality time with my babygirls.
Later on a night I had to pretend I had a migraine and it wasn’t even pretending because I actually got one before going home. So I went to change, shower, got ready to go home because while Laura kept Ana hostage and pretended she wanted juice and all. All that was happening while I had to rush home, get changed and ofcouse chose what to wear, pick up my parents, drive as fast as I can to get special balloons for the decorations and drive super fast to her house. It was intense because there was a lot of traffic and I have a lot of road rage. Anyways, we made it on time, both our families helped with decorating the entire house, balloons and pretty blue birthday things all over the house. I really liked how it turned out, Niki helped too, and wore one of the birthday hats, it was absolutely adorable.
Finally when Laura and Ana arrived, we all got up and shouted SURPRISE when they walked through the door!!! 
I'm so happy the birthday plan turned out as planned, apart from traffic delay. 
Thank you Laura & Paula and everyone involved for making this happen.
I love you all so so much! 
P.S. Hope you all love the pictures as much as I do!
Slurpy, I really really hope you enjoyed your birthday!!! Love you, always and forever!

New month, New Plans, New Goals

This month is a hectic one, in a good way though. Tomorrow i’ve got my hairdresser’s appointment which i’m extremely nervous / excited about. My hair looks amazing since I did it in Italy but for last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that the ends are kinda “dead” and dry and the blonde faded a bit too much so I want to retouch it and like fix it a bit. Then there’s Slurpy’s birthday and she still doesn’t have any plans so I’m not sure what we’re doing! A few days later I need to finish packing my suit case since I’m traveling super soon. I haven’t been to this city since Summer 2011 so it’s been a while and of course I miss it since It’s one of my favourite cities out there. Ofcourse in between all this, I’ve got to continue working on the blog and my youtube channel as well.
It’s going to be a good busy month and I’m super excited about it!
Let’s make this month amazing!!!!