I'm In London!

I've arrived safe and sound and I'm so excited about going home (to my sisters house) and just chilling and maybe taking a little nap and spending quality time with my sister! Ahhhhh I'm so so happy I'm here! 


Currently sitting in Laura's car, we're going on an adventure again! We're going to Ace Hardware to buy more boxes for her move!
Something super exciting happened yesterday! Actually more than just one thing! Yesterday we borrowed the Skydive Dubai runway to take pictures of Laura's car and then it turned into a fun photoshoot! We took such awesome photos so I'll publish them on here!
Another super exciting thing that happened is Laura Bear got a drone, so this morning she set it up and we were gonna go to the desert and fly with it today BUT then we realized it's too hot...so we'll be going on an adventure in the next couple of days! That's going to be a fun one! 

Summer 2017 Bucket List

BUCKET LIST: Summer is officially here giving me every reason and impulse to tap into my list-making obsession and curate a bundle of things to check off before the temperature in Dubai turns into “decent” and bearable to go outdoors again.

Every summer I try to come up with a list of activities to do not only to make sure the summer is amazing, but also to keep on track and not let the whole summer slip away. Time passes by too quickly these days, seriously not okay.
I’m actually very excited about this Summer since there are so so so many things happening.
I will try my best and update the blog as much as possible throughout the Summer but since I’ll be traveling and all I’m not always going to have my laptop / internet so just want you guys to be prepared in case I don’t upload as often.


//Damn! It was slightly harder than other days to get up this morning, I woke up randomly at 4:08 am, maybe that's why.
I've been watching random episodes of KUWTK recently, because i'm actually up to date and I love them and last night i decided to watch episode 1 of season 1 and OMG everyone looked so different, both Kendal & Kylie are SO TINY. Time FLIES by. AND speaking of that, i cannot believe it's MAY! That's SERIOUSLY insane.
Can you guess where i'm going by the way? I won't tell you just yet, but i can tell you i'm going for an event! It's so exciting not only because I get to travel but also because I'm going to such an exciting place!! haha ALSO, it's my BIRTHDAY TRIP! Which makes everything so much more exciting!
I haven't been publishing on here, BUT if you follow me on Instagram, you would've seen i've been uploading tons since I found an app that I don't need to physically publish myself and it's like scheduled. I've also been busy with other things and working on some fun exciting projects. However! I finally booked my ticket!!!! I'm SO SO SO SO excited but i'm going to have to keep it a secret for a while longer.