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When Karl Lagerfeld erected a Chanel barn for his spring fashion show–complete with haystacks and reclaimed wood–I knew he had something pastoral up his sleeve. While I may not have agreed with his choice of shoes (clogs anyone?), the bags are a completely different story.

 I love the playful take on classic Chanel bags refashioned and crocheted with raffia, ribbon and fabric flowers. This “Coco Country” top handle bag, however, is both on-trend and ladylike. The ladies-who-lunch set from Hong Kong to Boston will snap this bag up for sure (if they can get their hands on the few pieces produced). It’s by no means a lightweight piece; the sturdy woven raffia ensures this structured bag keeps its shape while swallowing all your daily essentials. A nice twist? Chanel’s classic quilted leather used in the handles and CC charm and also to rim the bag’s opening. My only qualm with this bag, and with many of Chanel’s seasonal bags, is exactly that: seasonal. Beyond this spring, this bag may soon seem passé. But its eye candy factor will continue unchanged.

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