Hey! It’s FRIDAY!

You can start feeling the heat in Dubai! It’s getting ridiculously hot! Today is Friday and I had some awesome Friday Activities to get done. So today, it was a pretty good day! First, since I bought myself 4 new pairs of shoes, and a new purse I decided to take pictures of all of that, then I  cleaned up my room and my closets and finally finished printing all the pictures for the frame (filled with photographs) above my bed. Then I took Niki (My dog) for a long walk! Later on in the afternoon, I went for a walk around and about and I also wore my NEW PURSE and the NEW HEELS I bought the other day.

Here are some photographs I took of the outfit I chose to wear today, before going for my walk! 

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Here are all of the photographs I took today of all the things I bought + of my look of the day!

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