Spring Break is here!

Finally holidaying!

So for those of you for who are going to school, work or have a really busy day ahead, hope you all have an amazing day!

Yesterday I was already home at 12, it was perfect to have a lazy day and rest, I was really tired. Today I will be taking a lot of photographs, including: Look of the day, some photographs of random things that inspire me and I will talk to you about some new style tips and show you my new haircut! =) I didn’t change it a lot, also because for Prom I want my hair long in length.

Today is officially the first (and last – since I’m never going back to high school after I graduate) day of my holiday!

Alright guys, keep checking back for updates!


Also, I will be posting a lot since I’m on holiday, but I’ve got to study A LOT, INSANE studying will be happening from Friday onwards.

About the big project i’m planning, I will be telling you about it soon. I promise i’ll keep you posted!

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Thanks for the support guys!

Love, Giulia

 Today’s look of the day was super simple. Jeans and a cool leopard pink shirt.
I had a really busy day today since I woke up and had a long long shower, after I was ready I went WILD SHOPPING with my Mom. I even got her one of her Birthday Gifts! So excited for her to see! =)
Anyways, so ya, I actually bought a lot of stuff, such as: 4 pairs of shoes, 2 of not so high heels and 2 pairs of flats! They’re AMAZING. Also, I bought an SUPER AMAZING BAG!!!! It’s such an amazing colour and it’s just perfect! and I am in the process of taking photographs of all of the things I bought!

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