Make Up Products I Love!

What I wanted to tell you about was make up products, I love Nicole Ricchie’s hair and make up and Kim kardashian’s make up – it’s always just so perfect!

I have been obssesed with eyeliner for a while now. I think my favourite ones are Eyeliner, Liquid & Gel Eyeliner and Mascara. I only use Foundation and different shades of eyeliner when I go out to somewhere special or to an important event.

I love these products (down)

Here are some products from Bobby Brown & Mac

Ciò che volevo raccontarvi è stato i proddotti del trucco, amo i capelli di Nicole Ricchie e il trucco di Kim Kardashian!!  è sempre e solo così perfetto!

Sono stata ossesionata con eyeliner (la mattita per occhi.) per un po ‘di tempo. Credo che i miei preferiti (trucchi) sono Eyeliner, Liquid & Gel Eyeliner e mascara. Io uso solo Foundation (fondo tinta) quando esco per un evento speciale o di un posto importante.Io amo questi prodotti (in basso)Ecco alcuni prodotti di Bobby Brown & Mac

I love this color for eye shadow!

Perfect brushes..

Perfect Gel Eyeliner from Bobby Brown! I adore it

I love how MAC has so many different shades of each color! It’s very useful because one shade might look so much better than the other!

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