My Amazing Saturday!

Hey guys, Having an amazing Saturday? well, I’ve been having an amazing one! This weekend I was busy all 3 days so it was beautiful!

Thursday, amazing EIS International Day, Friday was such an awesome day, thanks to what I call REAL friends and family, today was fantastic! Also, in the early afternoon my friend adopted a female German Sheppard who is adorable and finally has an amazing new family! Thank you once again, and Thanks to you who made my weekend awesome! Hope you all liked my previous posts. Sorry I havent been updating like crazy, like I’ve said before, when my sister Alex and her boyfriend Nick get here, you’ll definatly be seeing a lot more posts, even twice or three times a day!

Enjoy the photographs!

Hope you like them!

Love, Giulia

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Saved Photograph from HERE!

P.S.I will be posting the information on the photographs this week.
Please be patient!

Thank you!

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