EXCLUSIVE – South African Pannekoek


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South African – Pannekoek

Pannekoek recipe:

500 ml all purposefloura
10 ml baking powder
2 ml salt
2 eggs
250 ml milk
250 ml water
12,5 ml lemon juice or vinegar
25 ml oil


  STEP 1- put some of the mix into the pan

STEP 2– make it cook until its a nice yellowish colour & turn in the pan

STEP 3  – put it onto a plate

STEP 4 – add Nutella

STEP 5 – spread the Nutella

STEP 6  – Nutella

STEP 7 – add Marmelade 

STEP 8 – spread the marmelade

STEP 9 – add Cinamon + sugrar MIXED 

STEP 10  – spread it well

1) Beat the eggs until light and foamy and add all liquids and oil

2) make a hole in the dry ingredents and add the liquid mixture. 

3) Mix until it is a smooth batter.

4) Let it stand for at least half an hour in (let them cool)

5) Preheat pan and add about 12,5 ml cooking oil in the pan and 

6) Remove excess oil and make sure the pan is hot.

7) add just enough batter to cover entire surface of the pan.

8) bake on the one side and as soon as the edges of the batter looks dry turn with egg lifter.

9) sprinkle cinnamon sugar or any filling you like.

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