Sundays like these…..

First 4 hours I was studying MATH (I hate it), and then Espanol and lastly BIOLOGY! such fun times ey? So in the morning, I got my lovely Caramel Macchiato, which was heaven! and my croissant for breakfast, apart from that, I guess the only really awesome part was I spoke to a friend in Australia, and he was helping me out with the photography school I want to attend. He gave me some useful information since he lives there.

Well, as you probably saw from the first photograph, Sunday was an old boring day, full on studying for Finals! YEEY TIMES (NOT!!!!)

Anyway, sorry this one has to be a short post, but as I said, I’m surrounded by books! and coffee (to keep me going and staying awake!)

haha, Enjoy guys!

Tuesday there will be a really long post! Stay tuned!

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