Dolce Far Niente ♥

This weekend was awesome! Thursday as I told you about it HERE, I went to the mall with one of my best friends Olivia. Then, later that night my family and I went to my favourite Restaurant with my favourite food which is Mexican. On Friday, I woke up a little late than usual, towards 11am we went to get some supplies for food and then we went to the beach. Later that night, we had an amazing dinner with BBQ and some delicious wine. Finally, on Saturday morning, I went tanning with both Alex & Nick, it was really really hot stay there by the pool, so every 5 minutes I would have take a dip in the water to be fresh. Anyways, later at night I watched Grey’s Anatomy (My favourite TV-Show). Such an amazing show! then, at night I went to sleep early cuz I was super tired!

Then, this passed Friday (the 16th April) My family & I went to the beach!

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Take care!
Here are 4 of my favouritte tracks!

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