It’s all there in your head…

Heyy guys, sorry about not posting on Monday, right now I’m filled with books, there are books and notes everywhere in my room. My desk, the first half of every day is filled with Biology and then in the afternoon it’s filled either math books or Business and at night Spanish and English. In my break that i took, after studying for 5 hours non-stop, I watched this AMAZING show called NIKITA, a friend of mine was watching it a while ago and i took the name down, and so while I was looking for something to watch during my free time…
i decided i should start watching that, and so i did. Nikita is a really good show, for those of you who have watched all the shows possible on the CW or any other channel, watch NIKITA! The other night, i was Skyping my friend Ana, another blogger from HERE, she’s an amazing friend of mine, she’s from Portugal! i simply adore her. so anyways after i was done with Skype, i open google chrome which is the browser i use, and all of my favorites were GONE! I was so shocked and annoyed i was literary going to cry, not because my Twitter, Facebook, favorites were gone, but because all the websites i saved for my Business IA and Math IA were gone. In the end i was fine because thank God i saved the websites onto a word document. So after i had already freaked out i went all, what if i loose any picture i took this year or anything i have published on my blog, so i took my external hard disk and saved my entire computer on there. which didn’t take long…only a few hours (you can’t even imagine how many pictures i have).
Today, i got up in the morning (super early), had breakfast and then went to the gym for 2 hours. Tomorrow i will upload more.

My baby! How can i not love her?

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