Senior Prank Day!

Hey guys! Guess what it was today? Our Senior Prank day! Today at 7pm until 11:30 I went to my school with my senior year class and we completely changed it around. It was a lot of fun! We started by putting toilet paper down the staircases, all around the school. Then we laid the lockers on top of each other so we made it into a pattern so the people would have to walk in a pattern to get from point A to point B. After that we put sellotape from wall to wall (like lots of it). Also, we bought 3,250 plastic cups which we filled with water and put on our third floor. After that, some idiots from our senior class decided to spray paint the walls, boards and lockers (BIG MISTAKE)!!!! And another big mistake was that people thew EGGS at some classes (on the doors, lockers and walls) Lastly, some other people brought 3 CHICKENS to our school and made a “cage” of lockers, if you will and put them there and wrote “SCHOOL’S ZOO” on top. (VERY STUPID IDEA + Animal cruelty, the poor chickens arrived at school in the tiniest box). Anyway, apart from the last two things I told you about. The rest (which were the lockers, cups and the sellotape) were REALLY fun.

The morning after, which we had water guns and about 20 cans of shaving cream that we put on the lower grade people, we had to spend our day cleaning everything. The worst parts was to clean all the eggs…also because they were DRY. It was bad. Then, next to my biology class, someone SPRAY PAINTED on a lower grades posters. Me and 2 of my friends had to re-type everything and re-make the posters.

In the end, we don’t regret any of this, we all had a lot of fun! Although, I do think the people who brought the chickens are cruel.

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