Studying with Shisha!

Hello everyone, hope you’re all having a great Wednesday! Today was another one of 

those days of intense studying days. I woke up early, showered with my awesome loud music…. and then studied the entire time. The only break I took was to eat lunch (which was fresh salad). Later on in the afternoon, Alex, Nick & I went to Reems Al Bawadi to have some Shisha and continue with studying
. Anyhow, I’m so looking forward to the weekend! It’s actually sad, because it’s the last weekend with Alex & Nick in Dubai. This weekend we are most probably going to the beach on one of the days. I will try to take A LOT of photographs since I didn’t publish many while they were here. On Monday they leave Dubai, but only 1 month after they leave my sister will be back for my Graduation (If you haven’t seen the pictures yet, you can see them HERE). Also, I can’t wait till the middle and end of May because firstly my sister will be here (as I mentioned previously), second I will be done with High school & IB forever!!! Thirdly, I will have my PROM NIGHT on the 27th of May, and lastly, it will be SUMMER TIME! Here are some pictures we took with Nick’s awesome Mac.

Enjoy the photographs we took today and I promise I will publish a lot of new ones this weekend.

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