This is just the Beginning…

Hello Dolls, hope you’re all having a fantastic Thursday! Yesterday was officially my LAST day of school, On Tuesday it was our last day of classes, last Math lesson, last lunch time and so on. Yesterday it was our Senior Farewell Assembly if you will; we were all sitting on the stage thing and some people made speeches for different teachers. We all wore formal clothes and everyone looked splendid! I unfortunately don’t have any photographs but hopefully my friends will upload them soon on Facebook.

Today I woke up and I had my appointment to get my pedicure! It looks so pretty! (As you can see from the pic above & below). After I got my pedicure done, I went to get coffee with my mum! Obviously, Starbucks Caramel Macchiato! My favorite!!! For lunch I had this amazing Indian Rice, it was super spicy but so yumm! After I had lunch it was completely boring, all I did was study. No time for new photographs, but today my iPhone is ready and I’m going to get it this afternoon. Tonight I’m going to a really splendid restaurant with my family! Tomorrow I will be posting a post on all my favorite Technology I own.

My Make-up (Only the products I use often) My favourite nail polishes! & My amazing Chanel purse!

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