Healthy Snacks for us Vegetarians!

Healthy Snacks for us Vegetarians

1. Hummus

Often served with pita bread, hummus is a middle-eastern dish that’s used as a dip or a spread. It’s often made with chickpeas, olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon. You can find other ways to zest up your recipe by adding other spices like cumin powder. The chickpeas make this dish very rich in protein and good dietary fibers. You can also accompany this with crackers, wheat bread, and even raw vegetables.

2. Breakfast Cereals

Anyone would agree that cereals aren’t strictly for breakfast only. These tasty flakes of healthy grain are great anytime of the day. If mixed up with some nuts and dried fruit, they’re not only tasty, but they provide much needed nutrition too. Vegans are often missing out on Vitamin B12, commonly found in meat and dairy. Most packaged cereals now are fortified with Vitamin B12, so it’s actually advisable to snack on them throughout the day.

3. Fruits with Peanut Butter

Fruits alone make great snacks for vegans and non-vegans alike. If you’re looking for a way to make it a more delectable snack, you might be surprised to know that most peanut butter is vegan. If you want to be most certain, opt for the natural peanut butter. Sliced apples, pears and bananas are great accompaniments.

4. Fruit Popsicles

To ensure a vegan experience, best to whip this one up yourself. You only need a blender, some fresh fruit juices, and soy milk or non-dairy yogurt. For refreshing ice pops, just pour in your favorite juice in popsicle molds. If you want a richer and creamier snack, mix up some yogurt or soy milk in a blender.  These cold, sweet snacks can be full of vitamins and calcium when the right ingredients are used.

5. Homemade Cookies

You will have to make these yourself to ensure that all ingredients are vegan.  Some of the most popular vegan baked snacks are oatmeal cookies, peanut butter bars and cookies with nuts. Just be sure to use non-dairy butter or margarine, soy milk, and other vegan ingredients like dairy-free chocolates.

6. Yogurt 

  • Stir in ground flaxseed and fruit for a nutritional boost.

7. Instant Oatmeal

One packet can be as low as 100 calories of filling fiber and protein, with tons of Vitamin A! If you choose the varieties that are made especially for women, you’ll get some Vitamin D in there too!

8. Green Veggies and Hummus

Most green veggies are rich in Vitamin K. Cut up some broccoli and green pepper to dip in store bought hummus for a quick snack. The hummus earns you a little calcium and iron in a low fat snack.

9. Fortified cereal

Most cereals are vegan and always vegetarian, and are frequently packed with vitamins and minerals. Choose a sweet variety for a crunchy snack and eat it with soy milk for a traditional breakfast option. An unsweetened high-fiber, whole grain cereal is great toasted in the oven and spiced with salt, pepper and garlic to replace chips and other junky foods.

10. Super-Smoothie

Combine a few ingredients for a glass full of Vitamins and Calcium. Add 1 banana, 1/2 cup of diced mango for a blast of Vitamin A, 1/2 cup fortified orange juice (be sure your variety has calcium and Vitamin D!), and 1/4 cup of vanilla flavored soy milk to your blender.  Add some ice and blend away for a filling and sweet treat! If you are not vegan, you can add a scoop of whey protein powder for some Vitamin B-12 as well!

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