Here Comes The Sun! ♥

Hello guys! Hope you all had an amazing Friday! Such a beautiful day for me!

Today was one of those days I wore the outfit I planned for days therefore it was super simple to pick both the shoes and purse I wanted to wear with that same outfit. My outfit always depends on my mood. Usually I would choose the outfit just before going out but for this one I chose it the other night.

The month of April was amazing, first my sister and nick were in town and I had so much fun with both of them and then at the end of april and start of may I went out with my friends also for a few nights and that was also really good fun! For my hair, I just tied a small pony tail leaving the rest of my hair down. Overall for my make up I chose just to wear some light purple eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara.

On Wednesday, my friend Olivia came over to my house and we went to my pool to get some colour (since I’m becoming Ghostly white…soon transparent)

After we came back we had Mace’s (and I felt so guilty – I didn’t have it in months!). Later on, I walked with her less than half way and she continued to go home.

This morning I woke up showered, ate breakfast (usual routine) and in the afternoon I went to a mall  here in Dubai and I bought myself so many nice things, including chanel earings, a Chanel purse, 2 pairs of “put on eyelashes”, 3 different colours of nail polishes, and a new watch. Soon i will make a post to show you guys all of my  new purchases!!

Enjoy the photographs!

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Above: My healthy lunch! Kiwi & Watermelon!

I was wearing: Jeggings, white shirt, white flats and my Chanel purse.

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