I Can Hardly Wait!

Hey guys, sorry i didn’t really post anything…for the past two days, as i told you i start my exams tomorrow and finish on the 20th of May, so for a while i will be posting random photographs i took at different times..but i dont think i will have time to post any new ones at this stage.

Wish me luck! & Can’t wait to show you new pictures from the 20th of may! On the 26th May in the late afternoon, my Graduation is taking place and on the 27th finally my Prom!

P.S. On may 28th i OFFICIALLY start my summer! I’m so so so excited!

What are you doing this summer?

where are you going?

Let me know!

Thank you for following me on twitter!!

Enjoy the photographs!

 My baby today! She’s SO cute!!

 So i wanted to tell you, today was a good day, apart from all day of studying i found my cousin on Facebook. She’s an amazing person, also because she adores animals (we have the same genes!) so i was talking wall-to-wall to her and guess what? She still has her two beautiful horses! One of them whose name is  “Aristide” ! Also, just to let you know something more, she one of the cousins whose family lived in Australia for i don’t know how many years as well as all of my Grandmother’s (Dad’s side) lived in Australia for more than 10 years. So here you go some of the pictures i took the summer i went to see her beautiful horses. Enjoy the beauties!

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