I’m Walking on Sunshine! ♥

Hey guys!! I’m FINALLY back for real!! As you know I had my LAST exams yesterday! It was very exciting! My best friend Olivia, brought me beautiful flowers when she finished her business exam! She’s super sweet!
After I got home from my exam, I had to do some cleaning up of my books (like i showed you HERE) as I have to give all of them back to the school…because I rented them for these two years of IB.Then, today I woke up super early (If you follow me on twitter you would see my “why am I awake so early”). Anyways yeh, so after I woke up I had one of those long showers where I listened to some awesome music while singing and dancing like a freak! After my shower, i got ready to go out with my mum first shopping (for normal stuff – like clothes) and then grocery shopping as my older sister is coming to Dubai tonight! I’m SO excited! I’ve missed her so much! She’s bringing me a ton of stuff! ( I shall make a post on everything she brings me – when she gets here). Today I will be cleaning up my room and my closet too! My room needs to be perfect for when my sister gets here!
Soon I will upload more outfit photos for today’s look of the day!

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Hope you like the photos! & Have an amazing Saturday everyone!! =)

My Beautiful flowers given to me by my best friend! – She is the best!


I was wearing: Pink top from Zara, Blue jeans from levis, white jacket from Italy

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