In Between

Hello my dolls, how are you all doing? Yesterday was such a good day. We woke up in the morning and my sister & I went to the pool to try and soak up some sun – (it was so hot! We were about to melt!) Then we came home obviously showered, then quickly got dressed and went out with my family.

First we went house-hunting! We saw some beautiful houses in Emirates hills and Al Barsha as well! so many pretty ones! Later on, we went to chill and relax with my family and to have some shisha in one of my favourite places! Reems has always been one of the best places to have shisha! It’s one of the best in the city! After a couple of hours having a bit of shisha and relaxing with my family we went back home! After we were home for like 15 minutes i remembered that i had one of my bracelets and while i hoped out of the car and we looked at a house in one compound..i started panicking told my sister & mum and asked if i could quickly go back to check…i literally went in the car and drove there with my staying in the house clothes. After we got to the exact same spot I saw it, the bracelet I had lost earlier was sitting on the sand lot and I was so extremely happy, it was one of those bracelets that gave me good luck for exams,Graduation,Prom and so on. At night, a special family friend came over to my house and we spent time chilling and having some of my Graduation cake! It was lovely! Family time was really good from when my sister got to Dubai! Although the first week was hectic and super busy as i had to do my manicure, pedicure, tan a bit, give my school books back, go to Graduation rehearsal and so on. When things got back, to normal family time feels good. =) I adore my family, they mean the world to me!

Wishing you all an amazing day! 

I was wearing: Jeans from Zara , Ballerinas from Spring, Tshirt from Pimkie , Purse by Chanel, Ring from Forever XXI.


  1. vanessa goulart
    June 6, 2011 / 12:29 am

    great look! I loved your blog!!


  2. Giulia Z.
    June 7, 2011 / 11:57 am

    Thank you so much! Thanks! Please follow me!

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