My Recent Purchases!

Hello Dolls, So today I want to show you all of my purchases that I got on Friday! Like I said HERE, my purchases were a new Chanel purse, 2 pairs of Chanel earings, 2 pairs of “put on eyelashes”, 3 different colours of nail polishes, and a new watch. Here are the pictures I took of all of the above! Enjoy and tell me what you think!

Have an amazing Sunday!

Thanks for your lovely comments!

 Pink Chanel Purse

Nail Polishes 

 Nail Polish (Hot Pink)

 Nail Polish (Neon Green)

Nail Polish ( Pinkish / Oragngish ) (My favorite Summer colour!

New Purple Watch

Pair of Earings

  Pair of Earings

Fake Eye lashes

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