So Monday the 23rd May – since I follow Paris Hilton on twitter I saw her tweet saying “Hey Dubai! Looking forward to seeing you all tonight at 6pm at my handbag store at The Ibn Battuta Mall on Shaikh Zayed Road. See you soon!”

I immediately told my sister if she could drive me to Ibn Batuta Mall to see her, and guess what? She did!!!

(THANK YOU ALEX!) I had an amazing night, a crazy crowd! My heels killed me as I stood in one spot the entire three and a half hours, it was so worth it though!!! On her way to the mall she tweeted, “ In traffic on my way to my appearance at my handbag store at The Ibn Battuta Mall. See you all soon! Love Paris 🙂 ” At this point I was extremely excited!! – jumping up and down in the crowd as well as getting squished!! There were so many of us dying to see her! It was really crazy! When she arrived in the mall she tweeted: “ At The Ibn Battuta Mall walking over to my Paris Hilton Handbag Store. See you in a few. Love Paris xoxo” It was so amazing seeing her walk in her store and seeing her in real life…not on the Television or on a YouTube video.

SUCH AN AMAZING EXPIERIENCE SEEING HER IN REAL LIFE!! I loved it! I got so excited! She looked STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS!!! She was wearing a bright pink dress, her hair looked freaking amazing! And she SIGNED MY BOOK!!!!!!!!!! =) I got some AMAZING pictures of her. Here is the tweet she tweeted after she got into her store at Ibn Batuta Mall!!  “Wow! Such a Huge crowd here at my Handbag Store! I love all my fans so much!!!”

Also, MOST EXCITING part – when she was walking out the store and going away from the crazy fans, I followed her and ran and actually got to TOUCH HER SHOULDER!!!!! Haha I feel so lucky I got to touch Paris Hilton and got a beautiful Autograph in the book I own, I also got another autograph on the brochure of the Paris Hilton Store.

After a couple of hours she tweeted: “ I’m overwhelmed by the love from all my fans who showed up tonight. You all mean so much to me! Love you all so much! Thank you! Love Paris ” – I simply adore Paris Hilton! I feel extremely lucky I got her autograph in my book!

Here they are the beautiful pictures, enjoy & don’t steal! =)

Thank you for following me on twitter!

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