Prom Night!

Thanks to Oliva, Naomi, Yoonhee, Luca, AbhiJosephine,  Yasmine S, Yasmine A, & Joana for one of those amazing nights like this one! Prom this year was unforgettable! It was wonderful to be with you guys for this special night! I love you all! You girls in your dresses looked like movie stars! and the guys looked so formal! Thank you everyone!
The night was one to never forget! Please take some time to look at these photos i took during the night. First in our limo! then outside the limo when we got to the hotel, and finally at prom!

P.S. A speacial thanks to my sister who did both my hair & makeup. Used 1lt of Hair spray to make my curls stay curly more than an hour, and helped me pick out my gorgeous prom shoes! Thank you!
Enjoy the pictures you guys!
Love, Giulia

Kristine: Prom Queen, Jay: Prom King!

Myself & My best friend Livia! I love you & You looked gorgeous in your dress!

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