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Hello lovelies! Hope you’re all having a fabulous Saturday! Today i would like to show you the photographs i took last night  of the beautiful Burj Al Arab! and of course my look of the day! Also, today is not very exciting as it is another day dedicated to studying, so i need to stay home and only study for the last few exams.

I will be done on the 20th of May and then my Summer Holiday officially starts for me! I am so excited, actually not only for one reason but for quite a few. Firstly because my sister is arriving here on so soon after my last exam is over. Second, because my prom night is 7 nights after i finish exams. Thirdly, because i graduate 6 days after i finish exams, Last but not least, because on June 3rd it’s my birthday & I’m so excited to celebrate it first with my family and maybe also with my friends! & Finally because in July i will be travelling with my family and it’s all very exciting to me! I love travelling and seeing new places! Also, I can’t wait to see my family back in Italy & some other special people in my life. I will be taking so many photographs, it’s insane. I will probably need a 1000GB hard disk to fit them all on & then to show you all. I CAN’T WAIT!

Remember THIS where i told you about my purchases, one of them, if you remember, was my new Chanel Purse. so here it is, a taste of it! I promise, you will see it a lot! Especially when my exams are finished!

I was wearing: H&M Jeans

Top by: Bershka

Cardigan by: (shop in Italy)

Purse by: Chanel purse 2.55 pink

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