Arrived in Doha!

I arrived in Doha last night, I’m staying with family friends for 11 days! They’re lovely, so far i’m having a really good time and I’m pretty sure by the end of my trip i’ll want to stay longer!!! =)

I’ve only taken a few pictures so far…today i will be going somewhere around Doha, now i need to go prepare and get going to be ready by 9 (it’s now 7) – in 2 hours i need to be downstairs waiting for the driver to pick me up and go get one of the family members and that would the older one, who is my age…(a lil younger – fellow IB student). I really love them all, there is no favourite but right now, before going to get ready i’ll be cuddling this lil cutie!

I promise i’ll be taking a lot more pictures once i go visit the city!

Wishing you all an amazing Wednesday!
Enjoy the pictures!

Tamara – the cute lil one!

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