Catch Me If You Can

As I showed you some pictures of my Graduation night as well as my Prom Night over here, and told you both of those nights were really special and my Grad was really emotional, it’s so crazy I finished high school. It did NOT hit me yet!!! Done?? forever ?? with high school?? Does not make sense!! My Prom night is one of those nights i will never forget! Here are some pictures of my dress for prom! (enjoy) 

Thinking about University sounds amazing, exciting, crazy, scary but also fun! I can’t even explain how happy i am about finishing these two years of IB! 

Something super exciting to tell you is Summer will be super fun as I am going to quite a few different places! One of the exciting things is my Birthday is TOMORROW! So exciting! I will tell you all about it tomorrow and the upcoming days! Next exciting thing is that my Electric Blue Balenciaga (Remember i was deciding wether to buy it or not here), well it’s one of my birthday gifts i bought myself, i will show it to you soon! Most probably tomorrow, I’m going to buy my new Louis Vuitton, I’ve been wanting it for a really long time! but another thing that I’ve been wanting for ages is a Macbook Pro (remember here when i was undecided between the macbook or the Macbook Pro?) well the Macbook Pro won! It has awesome features and i just can’t wait until it gets home! (I’m either getting the Macbook Pro OR the Louis Vuitton – just to make it clear to everyone) If everything still sticks to the same plan then I’ll be going to Qatar for seeing family friends either late June or sometime later this summer! So exciting! I shall tell you more about these things soon! I will defiantly let you know soon if i end up going to Qatar! I’m super excited about this month, so many exciting new things are happening!

I will update you about where I’ll be going for my summer holiday soon later this month!
Have an amazing day! Xx

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P.S.S. I Promise i’ll publish loads of more pictures soon!


  1. Giulia
    June 3, 2011 / 7:49 pm

    Hi! I like your blog! You live in Dubai?! Woow!
    If you want, visit my new blog !!!
    Follow me and I will be happy to reciprocate!!

  2. Giulia Z.
    June 7, 2011 / 11:57 am

    Hi Giulia, yep i live in Dubai!
    Please follow my blog! It means a lot! Thank you!
    Your blog is very cool!
    If you follow me, i'll follow you too!

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