If You Say So

Hey Sunshines! How are you all my readers doing? Hope you’re all doing great! Ready for the weekened??

Yesterday morning i had to wake up super early to be ready to leave my house by 8:40 so we could go to the Italian Enbacy to vote for some election happening and they needed all the Italian residents to vote until tonight since they have to send everything to Italy and then see who wins! Something not exciting really & very political i guess.. (I’m not into that stuff)

Anyways after we came back i went to soak up some Dubai sun for two and a half hours by my pool, it was super hot outside in the sun, something like 40 degrees Celcius. After coming back inside, showering and getting ready Katrina (one of my sister’s really close friends) & my sister came home and then we went to check in into Katrina’s hotel! The hotel is beautiful! the room she’s staying in is fantastic! I’m jealous! hehe!

Last night we went to have dinner at a cool restaurant then iwent back home, i needed to get some more sleep since the night before i didn’t go to bed too early and yessterday morning was done and ready to walk out of my house at 8:40 am! Today will be another morning of 3 hours of tanning by my pool & then i’ll be publishing more cool photos i will be taking later this afternoon.

Enjoy the rest of your day! Have an amazing weekend!

Love, from Dubai!

I was wearing: Zara pink top, Levis Jeans, Longchamp Purse

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