More of Doha!

Good Morning to all, Hope you’re having an amazing week! Yesterday we went around Doha and i bought myself a new phone cover & one for my amazing sister, who i miss very much!

Later on, we went to a mall called “Villagio” and we ate & then watched a movie that Omar wanted to see from a while. Today we are heading to a book store & then somewhere i can buy more souvenirs or my family! =)

Remember on Thursday, Tamara’s Birthday party, on Friday we went to the Doha Waif Souk – it was awesome but there was one part i really disliked, the ones where they kept animals in TINY cages! I think everyone knows i adore animals by now, so i took pictures of the things i didn’t like and the poor dog that didn’t even want to wake up and was as skinny as a leaf! – i HATE Animal Cruelty! – it disgusts me!

I will add More pictures soon, i promise that when i get to Dubai i will be posting what i did each day & loads of more pictures & finally many, many LOOK OF THE DAY!! it’s just that since i’m here, blogger has not been working well and i’ve been  super busy with visiting places and going out and today i’m probably helping Zaid with his studying for Biology & Chemistry!

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P.S. When i get to Dubai on June 26th i have exactly 8 days and then i’m traveling to Italy and staying there for a week. So i will have TONS of pictures to show you!
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Enjoy the pictures!

 The poor rabbit was shaking!

 those poor chicks, they colored them and stuck them in cages.

 Doggies..=( I HATE THIS

 more doggies…=(

  Zaid & Tam-Tam

 Omar & Tamara!


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