My Birthday!

So on Friday the 3rd June, as you probably know from the post I published here & over here, was my 19th birthday! It felt weird turning 19! I had an amazing day, spent the entire day with my family having fun with different activities done during the day!

In the late afternoon my sister & my mum went to buy a few birthday presents for me! (Very exciting moments right there) Anyways Here are a few pictures of me opening 2 presents, the rest i didn’t get photographed because It was during the night and wasn’t the right mood for a million pictures at that time. So I’ll make a list of the things that I got for my birthday, also, soon I’ll take pictures of each gift so you can see them! My birthday celebration isn’t quite finished because it usually lasts a week! On that night we went to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants which some of you may know is one that is Mexican food. It was delicious…as usual! Also, later that same night as a tradition with my sister & I is to watch our favorite movie on my birthday night.

Later this week I will be going to another amazing restaurant this time serving Lebanese and Arabic food but I will be including shisha! I will be publishing more posts from this week, I promise. I’ve been super busy with my birthday, gifts ect!

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P.S.S. Here are some pictures of me & the rest are of random things i took pictures of in the mall i was shopping at!
Enjoy the pictures!

Have a wonderful day!

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