My Favourite Books!

Dont you just wanna spend your summer on a beach chair tanning and reading your favorite books?!? I do & i will!
– okay maybe not all day in the sun (i’ll melt with the Dubai heat – in AUGUST)
In Summer time, i tent to read a lot of novels! & usually really quickly, and in a short period of time! A few summers ago, i was obsessed with Cecelia Ahern! I read P.S.I Love You, Where Rainbows End & If You Could see Me Now all in less than a month! So this summer, hopefully i will be reading Eat Pray Love again ( I adore that book! & the movie too!! & hopefully some otherones too since after i come back from my small Euro Trip i’ll be staying in Dubai the entire month of August! =)
What books are you going to read?
Which ones are your favourite?

I love Katie Price books!

So far, I’ve only read this one by her but I’ve loved it! it has been great reading it!

Cecelia Ahern

I adore her, all of her books by her have been amazing! P.S.I Love You, (I even did a huge English project on it! & i got a BIG FAT A* / 7 – it was awesome!) – Where Rainbows end! Oh M G! I LOVE THAT NOVEL! & If you could see me now – my three favourite novels by Cecelia Ahern – you can find more Information on Cecelia Ahern!

A quote i really like Cecelia Ahern’s book Where Rainbows End!

Read about “If You Could See Me Now” HERE!

Random Quote i love!

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