My Summer Holiday!

On Tuesday the 14th June I’m going to Qatar in Doha to see some family friends, I’m staying in Doha for around 11 days then coming back to Dubai and after a week leaving for my summer holiday with my family. –  The days i’m in Qatar i won’t be uploading too many pictures as i don’t know if i will have my laptop with me, but after i come back to Dubai i will definatly have many pictures to show you!

Dubai => Amsterdam => Venice => Glasgow => Scottish High Lands => London => Amsterdam => Dubai

Leaving dubai landing in Amsterdam for a couple of hours, (hopefully enough to shoot some pictures of the city!) then going down to Venice, staying there for about a week, after that going up to Scotland, for my sister’s University Graduation! after the grad i’m going to visit the High lands in Scotland, including Inverness and some other beautiful places! Then back to Glasgow for one more day and in the morning leaving to go down to London town! =) After London i’m coming back to Dubai!

What are you all doing for your Summer?

Where are you all going?


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