What happened in Doha!

Tuesday 14th : arrived in Doha at around 8 pm, the driver brought us to the house, i said hi to all of the family.

Wednesday 15th: Went to school with Omar and met his IB friends – went out with Omar & Abdulla (one of his IB friends) + Watched Pirates of the Caribbean! (Captain Jack Sparrow / Johnny Depp looks soooo good all the time!

Thursday 16th: Went to a shopping mall called “Landmark” got Pinkberry for all of us! I also got a sim card and blackberry service so that i could bbm my family + friends. When we got home we prepared for Tamara’s 2nd Birthday Party! (all of their cousins came over there were over 15 kids)

Friday 17th : We went to the Doha Souk & (Also, in the compound where the family lives, there is a small super market and it basically has everything for daily needs & loads of junk food! HAHA)

Saturday 18th: We went to the cinema to watch X-Men First class – in doha city centre and again to the little super market!

Sunday 19th : Went to the Islamic Art Museum (so pretty, and such amazing things to see inside) 

Monday 20th: went to Doha City Centre, ate Pizza Hut with Omar, Zaid, Anda and Once again the little super market!

Tuesday 21st: Went to Villagio with my lovelies (Omar, Zaid, & Anda)!! We Ate Burger King then watched the movie Super 8 with Omar & Anda! (Zaid went to the movies & around the mall with his friend Faisal) & at night we went for our usual walk, the little super market in the compound!

Wednesday 22nd : Relaxing day. Took outfit photos with Anda, & went for our usual walk  

Thursday 23rd: Went to school with Omar + Zaid + Anda- They got their end of year report card. Then at night we went to a hotel to eat something with the entire family! & i bought a lot of souvenirs for my family!
Friday 24th: Later that day we went to Landmark with everyone (the entire family) + chilled at Haagen-Dans

Saturday 25th: Packed my suit case, helped my little Anda get her room tidy, hanged out with everyone!

Sunday 26th: Got ready, made sure i didn’t forget anything in Doha & the driver came to pick me up at 9:30.

Same day: Got to Dubai, spent time with my family & my babygirl (my dog)! =)

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