WOOP WOOP! This is my 200th POST! =)
After 200 posts, my blog has: 51,276 views in total!

Let me tell you something about what’s been happening so far since i came back from Doha, on Sunday the 26th June! Firstly you should know i went there to see my family friends. I had an amazing time with them & I already miss them a lot! Monday i unpacked my suit case and then i spent more of my time with my family catching up & having fun, on that same night, a family friend came over with his amazing Ferrari & let me drive it around my compound & let me take pictures as well! It was amazing!!! Tuesday it was my sister’s and her boyfriend’s 8 YEARS ANNIVERSARY!!! They’re so cute together! Then on the 29th June once again i went out with my sister, i love spending time with her! She’s my other half! & on the 30th June i went out with my sister & a bunch of her friends! Had such an amazing time! & both 1st & 2nd of July i spent more time with my family!

Today the 3rd of July i spent my morning tanning & then packed my suit case! I’m super excited about my trip!

Enjoy the rest of your day!
Love, Giulia!

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