2209 photographs shot & I haven’t even reached London

So have you ever wondered how many pictures you take with your camera during the Summer Holidays? Well since I was in the car…on our road trip, after I finished reading some of my novel, the one I’m currently reading now, an Italian one I decided to count up how many pictures I took this summer. Yes, so many!! Starting from last few days in May, when my summer started after my final exams, Dubai and from that day – Friday 20th May I took exactly 132. Then in June I went to see family friends in Qatar and in Doha I took 579 pictures! I find that pretty awesome because when you look back into your 2tb (810,000) of space and you go through the pictures its amazing to see all those amazing memories.

After I came back to Dubai I stayed there for only 7 days. Then on the 5th of July we traveled to Europe & we had a layover in Amsterdam for about 8 hours of so and so we took the train to the city & went to visit the beauty of Amsterdam & I took 138 pictures!! =) After hours of walking around and taking pictures and chilling there we took the train back to the airport and took our flight down to Italy. There we stayed 6 days and I had an absolutely an amazing time. In Italy I took 308 pictures! Finally after Italy we went up to Glasgow & took 390 pictures, including the ones of my sister’s Graduation! After we took the car and the road trip began from Glasgow up to the highlands, on our way, we took 51 pictures only! In Inverness I took 309 pictures and in the highlands only 309!

Yes, I am a little obsessed with taking pictures & I love photography!

All the pictures were taken with my camera not photoshoped at all. Completely original from the camera.

p.s. I promise to publish many more posts soon!

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