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It’s Saturday and it’s been a 3-day weekend in Dubai! Yeey! =) All the people who were working last week – hope you enjoyyyyed this weekend! Since the other night I went out with my sister, & a group of friends, I’ll be showing you the pictures I took there & hopefully some pictures that will be shot today! I shall let you know!

My last outfit, I was wearing a purple/dark blue tshirt with jeggings & converse with my pink Chanel purse! I will add a few pictures soon! Going to take a lot more pictures when I go out with my family!

Also, remember where I told you guys about my summer holiday and where I’m going and stuff? Well, all the hotels are booked, all the rent-a-cars and ofcourse all the flights are booked! Now it’s time to pack our suit cases! 

I can’t wait to leave for our summer holiday!  I can’t wait for all the fun times I’ll be having with my family & ofcourse with friends in Italy! =) I’m so excited for eating Pizza & Gelato with my best friend Giulia in Italy! & I’m so excited for Fish & Chips in Glasgow @ my favorite bar / restaurant!

Soon more pictures of the night i went out with my sister and the group of friends!
Meanwhile, enjoy the look of the day pictures!
P.S.These last few days in Dubai i’ll be packing and i’ll also be very busy buying the last few things before leaving for our Summer holiday so i’m sorry for the lack of posting!
In 3 days i’ll be traveling to Italy and uploading many many pictures don’t worry!
Love, Giulia

Here’s two pictures of my sister & I before going out the other day!



I was wearing:

Shirt by: Forever XXI

Jeggings by: H&M
Shoes by: Converse

Purse by: Chanel (Pink 2.55)

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