Goodbye Italy, Hello Scotland!

I’ve had a lot of fun in Italy!! Like i told you guys earlier i went out with friends, family, saw old family friends, went to eat the best croissant in my town at the restaurant called Tre Amici! & ate the best Gelato in Italy at the place next to my old school.  Here are some pictures of Italy & of some amazing places i went to! It was lovely to see all of the people I saw & met up with! Really had an amazing time with all of them!

This morning I had my last Italian breakfast & after a few hours of driving to the airport, returning the rent a car back, drank a coffee, & finish doing our check in…we arrived in Amsterdam & stayed outside the airport for a few hours, chilled with a drink and a snack and then jetted off to Glasgow! &…….Here I am…in Glasgow! I’ve miss this city! After our long trip that took us a car, a couple of planes, a bus and a taxi we’re here! =) 

After we got to Glasgow we took another taxi to the city where our apartment is located!

Since the first day I came to this city, I’ve always loved it here, and now it’s another one of those moments where you forgot how beautiful the city is!

Here’s a beautiful picture of Glasgow! I LOVE THIS CITY!

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