I’m in Italy!

Good Morning loves! So here I am, after waking up at 4am this morning and going to sleep at 2 am (Yes I know I only got to actually sleep for 2 freaking hours!!!!) a couple of flights, a few trains and buses we managed to arrive in Italy. Since our flight was changed, we were suppose to leave at around 8 am and stop in Amsterdam for like an hour (so just the time to go to drink / eat a snack and then leave again to fly to Italy.

Change of plans when we were still in Dubai and did our check in- they told us that we were leaving at 9am and that we were landing at 2:25pm & our layover in Amsterdam didn’t stick to the original plan of 1 hour but 6 hours! Yeey for us, we could take a train to the Central Amsterdam and visit the beautiful city! I took a lot of photos thanks to my family, who knows I’m obsessed with taking a lot of them of each city I visit. After our layover we went back to the airport and had a small snack hopped on the plane and jetted off to Italy! & here I am!

Amsterdam was beautiful, such interesting things to see….and smell? – the little rivers in the centre of the city are beautiful! I couldn’t stop taking pictures, and so excited to show you all!

I even walked around and up and down “the street” for those of you who know what I’m talking about I’ll post a picture and you’ll be updated!

In Italy I arrived late tonight, & only ate an AMAZING croissant from an Italian little mid-night-snacks food place on the highway!

Tomorrow I’ll be going around the city & calling up to meet some of my friends who live here =)

Can’t wait to tell you more!

Enjoy the pictures sunshines – I’ll put some more pictures of Amsterdam very soon!!



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