In The Fields

Hello Sunshines! How are you all doing? Hope you all had an amazing Saturday! Sorry for the lack of posting, yesterday i only got internet for about an hour and i was super busy but had an amazing time!

I basically spent my morning around my town with my best friend Giulia, taking pictures then went to get some things I needed, such as credit for my phone. Then I walked to my favorite Restaurant in the same town to say hi to the amazing people who work there (They’re family friends, I’ve known them since I was really little).

They have the best croissants ever made in history! They’re delicious! Below are some pictures of my sister & I enjoy that delicious thing! Then on my way home i took pictures (which I will publish tomorrow) it was so much fun (you’ll understand why when you see them!) Anyways yesterday was a beautiful day, Sunny & everyone in the best mood ever! =)

I am absolutely LOVING Italy! I’ve had a lot of fun so far! I went out to bars, went out to dinners with friends, I had delicious Italian pizza a few times as well as ice cream, also known as GELATO! =) Hehe if any of you readers come to Italy, you’ve got to try Pizza & Gelato! 

On Friday night I went to this cool street party with a bunch of people, it was lovely, everyone was out dancing, drinking and there were different DJs and of course awesome and loud music. We all had a really good time. =) I will add pictures very soon!
Yesterday I went to this field here Italy; it was awesome taking pictures with this huge stack of Hay, so much fun!

Anyways I’m going to go enjoy this beautiful sunny day in Italy!

Enjoy your Sunday, wishing you an amazing one!
Hope you like the pictures!

I was wearing:
Jeans from: Levis

Spaghetti top from: Zara

Jacket from: Bershka
Bag by: Balenciaga

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