Loving Glasgow!

Today is my first full day in Glasgow, I’ve loved this place since the plane landed, the nice cold weather, the streets, the people & the beauty of Glasgow!

Now i’m in our apartment but today i’ll be going to my sister’s Graduation ceremony! =)

Last night i got in Glasgow at around 7 pm & all we did was took these pictures, went to our apartment, left our suit cases, showered and went out to eat at an amazing restaurant here in Glasgow called O’neils! I simply adore the food there, so many delicious things. My favourite is Fish & Chips! =) Anyways like i said, today’s my sister’s University Graduation so i’m a bit in a hurry to go and get ready! 

Most probably tomorrow i’ll be adding pictures from tonight at the ceremony!
Enjoy the rest of your day!
Have a lovely Wednesday!


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