Ti Amo Italia! ♥

Hey guys! Hope you’re all having an amazing Thursday!!! Yesterday, I went to get my haircut at this amazing salon here in Italy.

I got a new haircut and I’m happy with it. Last night I went out with my best friend I was telling you guys about earlier, Giulia & also said hi to her brother, they’re both really sweet! Then her brother went out with some other friends and we walked around my town and we all had 3 ‘sex & the city’ – such a good drink! Before going home I got gelato, so yumm! I also took a few pictures..but only a few because my camera battery was low, so tonight when we go to this cool bar / club thing on the beach with a bunch of friends from our school here in Italy! My sister & I will spend basically the entire night with them! =)

Here are the pictures we took last night! & hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

Love from Italy!



My best friend & I

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