Under The Italian Sun!

Hey lovelies, once again, like I’ve said this earlier, I’ve been loving Italy. I’ve been super busy with seeing friends & family. Went out almost everyday with either friends or family and the other day i took these photos when i went for a walk in this little forest like thing. It was beautiful, full of trees and just beautiful!

Today’s my last day in Italy! I’m not too happy about leaving this place since it’s been so much fun with all the friends & family i hanged out here. My next stop is Glasgow! I’ll be staying in the city for three days then i’m going up in the highlands such as Aberdeen, Inverness & so on.Hopefully i’ll have internet so i can keep you guys updated. If not, I shall update you as soon as i have an internet connection.

I hope you guys like these pictures!

Wishing you all an amazing Monday! =)

What are you guys all doing today??

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