Introducing…..My Tumblr Page!

If you don’t follow me on twitter, you might have no clue about this – I’ve had a Tumblr page for a while now, but it didn’t feel right publishing my look of the day or anything fashion related…but I’ve realised that my tumblr page is going to be about all the things i love including Fashion, different types of foods, traveling tips, things i publish on the minute. I feel like i’m a very curious child in this world and i’m always interested in trying out and learning about different things.

I also love sharing it with my lovely readers because it ends up being so interactive, i end up learning about new things from you guys! Like i said earlier, i love food, and i love trying out different activities, i love traveling but it wouldn’t work too well if i started posting about them on so that is WHY mylittlefashdiary’s tumblr page was born!! Click HERE to check it out!

Beware: The food images might break diets & might inspire you.

I will be posting things about traveling, fashion, food as well as random stuff i love at the moment. My tumblr page will depend on my mood!

what are your thoughts on my tumblr page?

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