Busy Days Like These Ones

Busy days like these are spent, cleaning up the house & my room, studying, studying, studying, doing assignments, projects  & finishing all of my Uni work & ending up publishing the daily post really late.

I thought it was going to be really boring business and art homework as well as class work but I was definatly wrong. In Design class I’m working with Alexander McQueen and John Galliano pieces which I find amazing, everytime I have design in on a Uni day I always count down until the class starts.

Business too. Since in school I was never a huge fan of business I thought in Uni it was going to be very similar…but I was wrong once again. Business is fantastic in Uni! Until now i’m loving all of my subjects!

Since I’ve been having a back pain for the longest time because I’m under stress, today i had to rest and do lots of Uni work.

Working on four different projects for the blog so I’ve been also busy doing that apart from the rest. Also, now that I’ve received a 1 TB hard disk I need to find some time to clear my other external hard disk and try and clean up my computer.
Very soon I will talk to you all about the first project.

P.S.Stay tuned for the pictures of our new kitten we adopted at our University.

Hope you all had an amazing Friday!

Enjoy your weekend & stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!


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