A Day At The Desert

A Day in the desert! What a day! We were on the road at 11:30 am got to the place at around 1pm (super hot) I stayed in the car for a bit then drove around trying to not melt in that heat. Around 2:30 or 3pm we went through some road and ended up in the camel, goat and sheep farm..and of course the person that takes care of all these animals, we asked if we could touch the Goat or the Camel, and he was so happy he had visitors 🙂

So my dad went and took about 50 pictures of me with Camels, goat and sheep. So we went back to where all my dad’s colleagues were. Then at around 5 pm my dad asked me if I wanted to go up to the farm (where the goats & camels were.) and so we did, and my dad asked if we could get milk, and so the guy  in the first picture called his friend and they took a goat over this fence and started milking her. It was quite scary because i thought he would hurt her…and when he asked me if I wanted to do it i rejected because I was really scared of hurting the poor goat, but then I saw he knows how to do it properly and the goat didn’t cry, so it meant that she didn’t get hurt. 

We couldn’t get camel milk because all of the girl camels were pregnant.

Anyways Enjoy the pictures & don’t forgot to follow me on Twitter for updates!
I might go again one of these days so stay tuned! 🙂

Have an amazing Thursday everyone!

Pregnant Camel 🙂

Another Pregnant one 🙂




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